Tips and Tricks to Make the Most of Your Small Living Space

Tips and Tricks to Make the Most of Your Small Living Space

Renting a small space is great because it’s so much easier to manage. However, there are times when it can be an absolute pain. Sometimes, you can get lost in the chaos of it all. You have to be clever with your small space living. The best advantage is that you spend less time tidying up. This is compensated for ensuring you keep your space organised at all times. Living in a small space shouldn’t be a chore. You can still make it feel like home. Here are some tips and tricks to optimise your living space. 


Lots of light


Light helps make a place feel more open. Be cautious of what curtains you buy for your home. Keep them light and simple. Avoid dark coloured and patterned curtains. If you have small windows, put up some mirrors on the opposite end of the room. This will maximise the light you receive in your home. A bright room will make your home look all the more spacious. 


Simple Furniture


It’s best not to go too crazy if you’re living in a small space. It’s okay to have one or two eccentric items. Any more and your home will start to look cluttered. Small spaces benefit from the minimalist look. Keep your furniture light and simple. Some ideas include a tasteful light grey sofa and a small coffee table. You can still make your home feel cosy by purchasing lots of snuggly fabrics. 


Keep everything organised


Keeping your small space organised is the key to help to maintain your home. Do not leave clutter all over the place. This will make your home look so much smaller. Take advantage of any storage facilities you might have. Store your items under the bed and buy compartments for your drawers. One way to increase closet space is to purchase thin, metal hangers. This way you can store more clothes in your wardrobe without taking up precious space elsewhere. 


Hanging wall storage


You have to be clever with your organisation. Investing in some hanging wall storage will help increase storage space. You can use these to hang your accessories or stationery. Be sure not to overdo it, however. Having too much hanging wall storage will have the opposite effect. The idea is to utilise your organisation without compromising on space.


Clean up regularly


Ensuring you tidy up regularly is probably the most important tip. Set up a weekly cleaning schedule for yourself. Put all your clothes away as soon as you get changed. Try and wash up the dishes straight after you’ve finished eating. These few extra seconds will not only save you time in the future but also make your space appear bigger. Keep this motto: once you’ve finished with something, always put it back. 


Invest in a fold-out dining table 


Kitchens tend to be one of the cramped rooms in a small living space. Most of the time, you don’t even have a separate room for the kitchen. However, a place doesn’t tend to feel like home without a proper dining table. You’re likely going to want to invite some friends and family around your home at some point. Invest in a fold-out dining table. You can keep it in the corner but extend it when you have people over. Being creative with your furniture will help get the most out of your space.


Make use of vertical space and corners


Vertical space has so much potential. Make use of your walls by adding shelves. This will be great to store your books and ornaments to make your place feel more like home. Be sure to also make use of doors. You can buy hooks to hang on the inside of your wardrobe door to store extra clothes. Corners also have the possibility to add extra storage space. Invest in a corner shelf or cabinet. This will add a sleek design to your room. 


Be creative with your choices


Browse through interior design magazines and scroll through the internet for some inspiration. Think outside the box when it comes to organisation and interior design. Challenge yourself to make the best use out of your small living space. Take one evening to brainstorm how you can make your living space more spacious. Whether that is opting for open shelving in your kitchen or choosing which fabrics to purchase for your curtains. Interior design decisions take time and careful consideration.


Get rid of anything that doesn’t give you joy 


A small living space has no place for a hoarder. If you’re just about to move to a new smaller space, be very strict with yourself in what you bring with you. Spend an entire day going through all your stuff. If something isn’t useful to you anymore or doesn’t bring you any joy, get rid of it. Your mind will be calmer in a space with less clutter. Be sure to recycle or donate any of your old things. However, some people are very sentimental and find it very difficult to discard old items. If you’re this type of person, take a picture of nostalgic items you’re throwing away and keep these in a scrapbook. 


Force yourself outdoors from time to time 


Living in a small space will force you to go outside. This is great because it’ll keep you active and make you appreciate the outdoors. It can get frustrating living in a small space, so be sure to make the most of nature. Malta is an outstanding place do be sure to take advantage of all its sights. Go for a walk by Dingli Cliffs and go out for a swim in one of its many beaches. You’ll enjoy your home a lot more if you balance the time you spend indoors and outdoors. 


Living in a small space sure does have its advantages. If you live a busy life then it works great because you don’t have to take as much time cleaning up. If you’re the sort of person that tends to stay outside most of the time, then you will appreciate your smaller home. Some people opt for a smaller apartment because it’s more manageable. If you’re looking to move to a new home anytime soon, please get in touch with one of our letting specialists at QuickLets. As always, we’re here to help find the perfect place for you, no matter how big or small! 

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Yana Walker