QuickLets and Zanzi Homes Awards Roadshow

QuickLets and Zanzi Homes Awards Roadshow

The QuickLets and Zanzi Homes Leadership Team recently visited their large network of branches to deliver awards to the top performers of the company.

The PropTech company is well known for its commitment in placing particular importance on recognising the great value of its people.

Traditionally held in March, the awards nights had to be suspended this year for obvious reasons. However, this did not stop the team in keeping in mind that the motivation and recognition of people’s contributions shouldn’t be put on the backburner, even in the middle of a pandemic.

In keeping a balance between avoiding large gatherings while also ensuring the QuickLets and Zanzi Homes property specialists receive their awards, the team decided to spend a day going from one office to the other distributing happiness in a trophy.

“We cannot stress enough how grateful we are of the efforts and commitment our people put into making QuickLets and Zanzi Homes among the strongest property brands on the island”, Steve Mercieca, co-founder and CEO, says.

“We all enjoy a big event to host the events, however, after adjusting our plans this year, we actually realised how more intimate going round branches to deliver the awards felt,” he continues.

In total, 63 awards were distributed, split into two main categories: those which were statistics- and numbers-driven and those which identified individuals who distinguished themselves through their behaviours.

In the first category, awards such as the ‘Highest Revenue Generated’ and ‘Most New Listings’ were given out. The second category included awards such as the ‘Culture Champion Award’, the ‘Brand Ambassador Award’ and the ‘Social Heart Award’.

Ann Xuereb, people-experience executive at QuickLets and Zanzi Homes, was the main person in charge of all the logistics for the day.

“A day like this really gives us a boost of drive. It is such a pleasure to see the excitement on people’s face when they are presented the awards,” Xuereb comments. “It is important to reward people for achieving their business goals but it is also essential for us to recognise people who embody our brand values such as contributing towards the causes of our QLZH Foundation.”

Two very special awards went to David Galea and Mark Sant Cassia, former chief financial officer and QuickLets brand manager respectively, who have recently moved to new opportunities elsewhere.

“When our people decide to take on a new adventure, we want to ensure they leave with a positive memory of their journey with us. Both Galea and Sant Cassia were instrumental in making our brands as valuable as they are and we wanted to make sure they knew this,” Mercieca concludes.

Today, QuickLets and Zanzi Homes make up a team of over 470 property specialists. Throughout the years, the two brands have built a reputation of valuing their culture and people as the main contributors to their success, coupled up with advanced technology and a philanthropic purpose.

QuickLets and Zanzi Homes continue growing and are continuously looking for new talent.

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Fabio Zuccaro, COO
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Fabio Zuccaro, COO