Work with Team Awesome!

  • Highest Paying Agency on the Island!
  • Performance Bonuses Awarded Monthly!
  • Work with awesome people just like you!
  • Flexible Working Hours!
  • Specialize in Letting!
  • Largest Live Letting Database and updated DAILY!

The Company

Quicklets was formed in September 2013 from a 1 bedroom apartment in Sliema. Over the days we have grown into a Franchise with a strong team of dynamic individuals with the same vision. We pride ourselves with honest and efficient customer service. Through the use of state of the art software we are able to offer our clients the perfect home. We go that extra mile to build a solid relationship with our clients. By identifying the precise needs of the clients we are able to do what we do best in the perfect amount of time! We don’t show clients what they don’t want to see. We get straight to the point! Our clients call us ‘The Human Agency’


The Space

Our offices are all designed in the same style. They offer a fresh feel. Full of lively energy, smiles and great ideas. Decorated with bright colours, all the latest technology and a network of boards keeping the team updated on the latest market updates. Some sort of music is always pumping in the background; complemented with some awesome photography and our signature purple and lime wooden pallets. Oh and of course our Achievement Rock Climbing Indoor Wall.


The Team

Constantly growing, constantly promoting. Due to the growth of our Brand the team is growing at a fast rate. We need leaders and people with a massive amount of ambition and always ready to put other staff before themselves.

The team is what makes the Brand shine. Driven by passion and enthusiasm the team brings our offices alive, each and every morning. Most of the staff that join us stay with us as they slowly slowly share the vision of the Founders, and what a vision it is!


The Role


Once recruited each team member will undergo an intense induction course. System coaching is provided along with all the training necessary to be able to execute our mission. One of the main factors that attract people to join the Real Estate Industry is that your income is uncapped. Being Self Employed is like running your own business beside a lot of other people just like you. The industry also offers flexible working hours which allows you to maintain your desired work life balance schedule. The only thing you need is ambition, determination, a great command of the English Language and a car.