Franchising with QuickLets

We are giving the opportunity to all property and real estate lovers to follow their dream to build their business with us. There are plenty of benefits in choosing to franchise with us instead of navigating the industry on your own.

  • An established brand name gives you ample opportunities for new clients and listings,
  • On day one, you get access to a fresh and constantly updated database of properties and clients,
  • You get the full support of our awesome administration team with marketing, HR, finance etc,
  • We deliver induction training to you and all your new recruits in our People Experience Centre,
  • And much more… come to have a chat with us to understand all the benefits we offer.
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Immerse Yourself in our Culture

We believe that people who love what they do, love the people they work with and spend quality time with them doing exciting activities such as skiing and skydiving will love their career and clients more. This is one reason why we ensure to continuously build a diverse and inclusive culture.

Supported by Superb Tech

Our back-office management system was built from the ground up by us. We offer you a real estate management system designed by property specialists for property specialists. This means that your get the tool you need to do your job effortlessly and efficiently. We are also constantly updating it.

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Build Your Business on Purpose

Having a common goal and sharing the same vision for a better world helps unity, builds a sense of belonging and fuels purpose amongst our people. In turn this contributes towards a healthier and happier planet. Our QLZH Foundation’s causes are adequate housing, the environment and children’s education.

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