How to spruce up your rental balcony in Malta or Gozo.

How to spruce up your rental balcony in Malta or Gozo.

Having extra outdoor space may be an advantage for some but superfluous for others. A rental balcony's space is commonly the most neglected area in a rental flat as it can be considered too small to do anything with. However, on the contrary, giving this space some love will help attract real estate agents to your property and consequently, future renters. Make use of all the space you have access to and add these non-costly features to your outdoor area. This will help to create a different feel in your rental property by giving it a new and improved look. 

Those weird and outdated outdoor floor tiles need to go! 

Covering up those dull, lifeless tiles will make a world of a difference.  You could always opt for laying down either a patch of synthetic grass or rather go for a more permanent but costly option of outdoor decking tiles. Synthetic grass offers a low maintenance option whilst bringing in some colour and comfort. Seeing as they require super minimal upkeep just a splash of water and a good sweep and you’ll be on your way, no fuss and taking no time from your busy schedule. If your apartment for rent has a more elegant and sophisticated style, try out some wooden or faux-wood decking.   

No one wants a Peeping Tom

The problem with renting out an apartment in Malta or Gozo is privacy. If your rental balcony can easily be seen by others surrounding the area, consider fencing it off to the outside world. This shows possible tenants that you’re prioritising their privacy and livelihood. Using bamboo or brushwood for fencing adds a natural element to your flat and eliminates the need for cloth which may make the place look shabby and generate too much wind.

Bring in some greenery and create a magical jungle-like feel in the space by adding some plants which will add value to any apartment for rent in Malta and Gozo. The option both you and your neighbours would appreciate would be to add some low maintenance hanging plants like succulents which are fun to look at and are great to block off those peeping holes. Introducing some scented plants like Jasmine or lavender will bring a new element into the place adding even more value to your property for rent. Covering up some cracked or peeling paint may be easier than you think. Use these plants to your advantage and cover up any blemishes or imperfections as you see fit. Doing so will totally elevate another aspect of your outside space making it more valuable and desirable for renters.

Change up your furniture

Try to avoid buying furniture that doesn’t particularly fit the space as it can make a balcony look smaller than it is. Attempting to make the available area look bigger will make the space more inviting to potential tenants. Go for less. Even if that means not having enough seating for many people. It’s better than it being cramped in a tiny space with way too much seating. You may feel like buying furniture is futile and unnecessary though, investing the smallest of ornaments or the quirkiest of seats will help possible renters visualise what can be done with the space. Consider visiting a vintage or second-hand store before purchasing brand-new furniture. A great accessory to add to your list is barbeque for your tenants to enjoy. If you’re limited on space consider a portable or boat grill that take limited space can can even be mounted on your railings.

Lighting is Key!

Set the mood and create the illusion of more space by adding some lighting fixtures. Those bright white lights that are found on most balconies are drab and boring - why not try adding some coloured lights or fairy lights to change up the vibe of your rental’s outdoor space. And if you’re super eco-friendly look into solar panel lighting for that extra added value and help promote less destruction of the planet.



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