#PrideWeek Celebrated by QuickLets and Zanzi Homes.

25-10-2017 - By: Marco Schembri

Whilst Malta enjoys the number one spot amongst other European countries as an embracing LGBTIQ+ jurisdiction, this year’s Pride Week is celebrating themes about love, life and diversity.

“At QLZH we encourage people to express their personality and to bring their true self to the job. We strongly believe this makes people happier and therefore helps them achieve their full potential”, says Fabio Zuccaro, the group’s COO. 

 “We wanted to show our support of Pride Week by re-designing our branded ‘stick-man’ and home concept with rainbow colours to represent the LGBTIQ+ flag.  We also wanted to portray our belief that home is where love is and that love has no gender. Diversity is not about acceptance, tolerance and inclusion but about genuine equality.  QuickLets and Zanzi Homes extend this belief in impartiality in the way we treat our customers and we welcome individuals who identify themselves as LGBTIQ+.”

Pride Weeks are celebrated around the world, at different periods. Apart from the notorious marches that are organised during such events, often becoming a form of demonstration for legal rights for the LGBTIQ+ community, they are a platform for expression and communal revel.