QuickLets Hail Their New Head Office

QuickLets Hail Their New Head Office

Mark Sant Cassia manages the QuickLets Head Office at Ibrag. However, his office is about to undergo a mammoth change – a change in location, to a different town: Sliema. It’s not only the physical change that is challenging, but what the move in itself means. Mark explains that this means QuickLets is a start-up no more and goes on to discuss how opportunities are endless with this fast-evolving company.


I should start where it all began, a little over two years ago. I was dreading going to work every single day in an extremely regimented call centre environment I had worked in for the previous three years. I feel that I could have progressed and climbed some echelons there, but I didn’t feel like it was the right path for me – it doesn’t feel right going to work without pride.


In reality I could have very easily still been there or in a similar company but the truth of the matter is I lost my drive and passion for the project down to a number of reasons. Mostly because I felt that no matter how much I did, or how hard I worked, I couldn’t challenge the way things were done internally as management, as is often the case in corporate companies; the elites just don’t listen.


I was sending a few CVs round and one of my closest friends suggested we try QuickLets. My application was accepted and an induction course followed. It was all too different, all too new, but I did hand in my notice to my then current employers. 


For a commission only job? Yes, I left the safety of a fixed wage to try my hand in a field where I had no previous experience. Honestly, I wasn’t even sure if I would like the job. But I managed to pay my home loan on time every month, with a company that had barely been operating for a year. It was definitely a risk worth taking.


Would I take it back? Not at all, in fact I wish I had joined sooner! Sure, you’ll have the occasional tough month, however if you have the right mind-set, dedication and will to succeed, you will always manage.


Back in 2015, when I initially joined the company, we barely had three branches and we were still considered a start-up in real estate. Now, we have 18 offices. This just goes to show the exponential growth of our group of companies in just a little over two years. 


Within a few months of me joining we began to grow further with two more branches opening up shortly after. As each day passed by and my working days became longer and longer out of sheer determination to do well, the results started to follow. After around six months with the company, myself and other top performing Letting Specialists were promoted to Team Leaders or Senior Letting Specialists. A small token of appreciation from our CEO for helping with the company’s growth.


What brought about my dedication to the brand? We simply had a team of like-minded individuals (including the CEO) who wanted to excel and be appreciated for their time and efforts. In addition to this, we really bought into the company culture of doing things differently, efficiently yet professionally. In my opinion, one should always be happy, proud and do what they do and with passion. This becomes an automatic motivator towards providing positive and immediate results.


After just over a year, an internal vacancy came about for a Branch Manager in another office as someone was initially stepping down. At 23 years of age it felt like a logical step to try it out. Waiting to hear back from higher management, I was informed that I wasn’t chosen as the person originally stepping down retracted their resignation.


During the same meeting, I was informed that I was chosen as the new manager of our QuickLets Head Office as our current one would be taking on a new role within the company. I was once again taking on a role I wasn’t sure I would like or knew all too much about

Fast forward one year and we are ready to move our entire Head Office team to a brand-new office on Tower Road in Sliema.


What does a move like this mean? Well, we’re moving from our cozy office in Ibrag where it all took off to a brand new, stylish office in one of Malta’s most prestigious and sought-after areas. This further shows how the company has grown over the past two years. From a team of around 25 people to nearly 250 people, the move comes at the right time. 

We decided to go with this office as its location is second to none and we really needed our Head Office to have a flagship base. This is definitely it. 


We certainly feel that the new office will really put us on the map as Malta’s leading letting agency and help us to keep the values we have always gone by. We used to go by the ‘Dream, Believe, Achieve’ mantra, however, we have since taken up ‘Quick, Awesome, Genuine’ as a more applicable slogan due to our growth.

With a new office comes added responsibilities and that is why we will also have a team of Zanzi Homes Sales Specialists joining the new office. 


Our vision is to create a better world for tomorrow and in addition to our #Treedom campaign (where we plant a tree for every home we sell), we also plan to provide housing and education to underprivileged children all around the world. 


On a personal note, I am grateful for the opportunity to lead the move into our new office and I’m looking forward to what challenges this may bring. There will be a lot of opportunities to join our fantastic team and we hope people do not pass up this chance. 2017 was a hugely successful year for QuickLets and Zanzi Homes and 2018 is looking to be even better!

Mark Sant Cassia
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Mark Sant Cassia