Diving in Malta

Diving in Malta

For this week we will be looking at Malta as the diving paradise.  When you think of beautiful diving locations you usually think of the tropical islands (i.e. The Bahamas), but that doesn’t have to be the case. Malta holds many secret spots idle for divers, all this will be revealed to you in this article. This article will be showcasing and detailing some of the spots that makes Malta a diving paradise.


Malta is a beautiful Mediterranean island where the water is transparent. You can find may different types of fishes and some cellars and wrecks (each with its own story).


Come and experience some of these breathtaking dive places.


HMS Maori - Malta, Valletta, all levels


Under Fort St. Elmo lies the wreck of the Maori, a destroyer 115 meters long, sunk in 1942. It is partly covered by deposits purpose superstructures (in which one boat at a time can enter) serve as a refuge for many species, including octopus. The wreck begins at the very edge of Fort St. Elmo. The depth does not exceed 18 meters to reach this wreck that has become a haven to many species. This beautiful dive is easily accessible for even first-time divers, that are new to this experience.


Blue Grotto - Malta - he-Qrendi


A popular diving spot in southwest Malta Blue Grotto is populated by groupers i.e. scorpionfish and octopus. The diving reveals beautiful coral colors lining the walls of the cellar which has a depth of 27 meters.


Come find out for yourself why it's called Blue Grotto!


‘Reef of the Double Arch’ - Gozo


One of the best spots to dive in Gozo and arguably the most impressive sights, is ‘Reef of the Double Arch’. This rocky promontory is carved by two wide arches. The point of entry is through the reef, then we begin diving in the very shallow waters to reach the beginning of the 14 meters wall. By following that wall, it will then lead you to the first arch that starts at 20 meters down. The second arch is just below and plunges up to 45 meters. The site is dotted with sea urchins and you can also see cuttlefish, octopus and many scorpionfish.


The Blenheim bomber plane Bomber off Xrobb l-G?a?in


The Blenheim Bomber is also in our list of best diving sites in Malta. The history behind this wreck remains a mystery to all. What we do know is that the aircraft crashed into the water after trying to land on its belly. The failure to execute a clean emergency water landing lead to the loses of the front end of the plane and the wheels, being ripped off the rest of the plane. This site is unknown because dive centers are not able to completely map out the cite due to lack of knowledge of the exact location and because it is reserved for various experienced.


We notice the carcass on the plane which gives us an idea of the strength of the impact. Much of the body is covered with brightly colored sponges, anemones and soft corals. Lobsters and even turtles are regularly seen on the site. This wreck is part of the rare, inaccessible dives that turn into a unique moment engraved in the memory of divers.


Azure window Gozo


It has been over a year now since this natural and beautiful structure was destroyed by a storm. Now it's has become one of the key diving site for the opportunity to experience the amazing diversity of underwater animals.In clear water, drive 15 meters deep to cross a colorful cave of corals and sponges. A great spot for all divers, novices or experts. if you are lucky you can find a shoal of barracudas.


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Jullian Cervilla