The Maltese tradition: a journey of fire!

The Maltese tradition: a journey of fire!

Every year, from April to November, you will see explosions of beautiful colours in the four corners of the island: fireworks are a tradition in Malta!


The fireworks have a historical origin. In the 16th century, during the time of the Knights of St John, pyrotechnical creations served to express joy during special events such as the election of a Grand Master, the Pope or the birth of a Prince.

From the 19th and 20th centuries, the fireworks evolved and were also used to celebrate the events of the English crown since Malta was a British colony in the past.


Since the first fireworks of 1738, the tradition continued. Nowadays, almost every event or party ends with some big fireworks.

Here, pyrotechnical creations have a religious connotation. It is said that they chase evil spirits. That's why, they are rooted in the Maltese culture and each village offers their visitors breathtaking shows.

During each summer, you can see different shows of fireworks! It’s amazing!


The Malta International Fireworks Festival is held every year. It was originally organised to mark the accession of Malta in the European Union on May 1, 2004. Since then, this festival was held every year and is definitely an event not to be missed during the month of April!


This year, preparations for the 17th edition are in full swing with the competition of pyrotechnic enthusiasts from all over the world including Australian, Canadian, Venezuelan, Italian, Austrian, Spanish, Portuguese and British.

A national competition also chooses the best Maltese artificers.


The festival begins on April 21st and the final on Monday, April 30th, which will take place in the Grand Harbour in Valletta.

The festival is held over three evenings:

-The opening will take place on Saturday 21st April in Xag?ra, Gozo

-Another show will be held on Friday March 27th in Marsaxlokk (traditional Malta feast)

-The Grand Finale will be held on Monday, the 30th April in Valletta


Do not miss this colorful festival!

More information about the 17th edition of this International Festival can be found here:

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