What makes a top letting specialist ?

16-05-2018 - By: Colin Bonello

New-coming and hard-working letting agents often bear success quite rapidly at QuickLets, but Colin Bonello is quite exceptional. After just…. In the field, he has acquired three top-performing agent awards. What’s his secret?


Firstly, networking is essential to expand my contact base; that’s the most exciting part of my job, since I’m very sociable by nature. Consequently, my drive and satisfaction come from clients. When the people you work with genuinely praise your service, you know you’re doing a good job and it encourages you to perform even better.


I’ve got no hocus pocus up my sleeve. I just make sure that I give clients my full attention and study their requirements, working in an ethical and professional manner. When you’re doing something you love, every movement becomes a matter of course, and makes work seamlessly pleasurable.


I used to joke with my manager in the beginning that most of my achievements are pure luck, but a specific episode quickly made me realise that real estate is about skill and making your own luck. During a viewing once, the property owner ordered me to exit with my client, as she thought he was not interested – he showed no willingness to rent it out. But I calmly told her to let him stroll around and absorb the property features, showing confidence as I was quite sure it was the property for him. Funnily enough, after seeing a string of other properties, the client chose this one.


Not only was I right in showing him the first property as the best for the client, but I was able to keep the viewing going and manage a delicate situation. Knowing your place and asserting your role is essential for success. It allows you to make the right decision at the right time.


There’s also the brand. Working with Quicklets is fun and offers freedom; apart from the relaxed atmosphere at the office, we manage our own time flexibly and we’re encouraged to share ideas across the board. We’re all friends here, from top to bottom, devoid of the corporate setting one would experience in other companies. Not to mention the team building activities and social events we host, especially at the Mosta branch!


Finally, it was all about hard work, dedication, persistence and resilience, which helped me become the top letting agent for 2017 of such an awesome company like Quicklets.

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life” Confuciusa