Five Things to Consider Before Moving into a New Property in Malta

Five Things to Consider Before Moving into a New Property in Malta

When you’re looking for a new property to buy or to rent in Malta, there will be many things that you’ll have to take into consideration before you sign on the dotted line. In fact, you’ll most probably have made several decisions before you even start looking. Most importantly, you’ll know how bedrooms you want (or need) and what your budget is. These two important factors will be the main guiding forces behind your search. However, before you make an offer on a property (or pay a deposit in the case of a rental), you should consider the following five things. These things might not be at the forefront of your mind during your search. But, speaking from experience, if you don’t think about these things in advance, you’ll soon be kicking yourself after you move in!


For Drivers – Parking

Parking spaces are few and far between in Malta. Anyone who drives will know just how difficult

(and annoying) it can be to find a parking space. Whenever you’re going to an event or a place that’s even remotely busy, you know you’re going to struggle to find parking. In fact, you’ll probably be swearing about it before you even leave the house. Thanks to lots of one-way streets as well, you can easily find yourself driving round the block, again and again, just waiting for one to open up. Second only to traffic, parking is a Maltese driver’s biggest headache.


This is why you’ll really want to think about what the parking situation is going to be like before you choose to move somewhere. You really won’t want to have to park too far from your front door. It might be okay when you’re going for a viewing but what about when you come home with a boot full of shopping? Somewhere like Msida or Gzira will be a nightmare to park during the day. However, there are lots of offices in that area and you might find that, when everyone else is leaving, you’ll be arriving home. Hoorah! Wherever you decide to move, assess the parking situation beforehand. If you’re buying into a new-build, consider purchasing one of the garages (or a garage space). With so much construction of residential buildings going on, parking is getting even more difficult. And not everyone who’s building flats is building parking.

For Non-Drivers – Transport Links

For those of you who don’t drive (or at least not in Malta), then you’ll need to consider how good the transport links are. Buses are the only method of public transport available in Malta. On some days, the service can be impeccable. On other days, the bus service can have you reciting every curse word in your vocabulary. In any case, if you’re going to be riding the bus, you’ll want to make sure your new home is close to a decent bus stop. ‘Decent’ meaning it is well-connected to your work and wherever you like to spend your free-time. You can check your regular routes on the Tallinja app, to see how easy or difficult it’ll be for you to get around. Don’t underestimate how quickly it will take before a long or an indirect bus commute becomes tedious!

Proximity to Shops

Another thing to consider is how close your new place will be to a local shop or supermarket. It’s true that to get anywhere in Malta doesn’t take very long but you won’t want to have to go too far to the local supermarket. Especially in the summer when everything will be roasting in the boot of your car on the way home. It’s not just the supermarket you’ll have to think about, though. Sometimes you’ll find yourself out of milk or sugar or coffee, and you’ll want to make sure you have somewhere close to go. Is there somewhere close by you can pick these things up without having to go all the way to the supermarket? You can spend ages writing a shopping list but you’ll always forget something and then run out of something else. Make sure there’s a shop nearby, for these little emergencies. Many local, family-run shops keep limited hours. However, there are Convenience Stores all over Malta which stay open late (often until 10pm or 11pm) and are also open on Sundays.



Noise is also something you should bear in mind whilst looking for a new home. First of all, consider the area and how noisy or quiet it is. Somewhere residential, like Mosta, Balzan, Gharghur or Attard, will be quieter than, say, Sliema or St. Julian’s. There are plenty of family-friendly areas away from the hustle and bustle of central Malta. But it’s not just the area that matters, it’s also the location. Even though it’s illegal to be noisy after 11pm (and before 7am), you’ll still want to check how close you are to the local bar or club or restaurant. If you’re a bit of a lark (an early riser who tends to go to bed early), ideally you’ll find somewhere as far away from the bar as possible. People tend to eat and drink outside, especially throughout the summer in Malta. You won’t want to have to reach for the earplugs every evening!

Moreover, consider how close or how far away you are from the road. Is the road busy? Does there tend to be a lot of traffic passing though and, if so, at what time? If the flat or apartment is close to a busy road, is your bedroom next to the road or is your bedroom on the other side? If you’re dead set on choosing somewhere near a busy road or a noisy bar, then do make sure your windows and balcony doors are double-glazed!

Beach or Bar

Lastly, make sure that the location is right for you and your lifestyle. Even if the property is perfect, if it’s located in Marsascala and you work in Xemxija, it might not be so perfect after all. If you love to spend the majority of your free-time lounging on a sandy beach, think twice before moving to a place like Sliema or Valletta. Similarly, if you’ve found a great villa or flat in Mellieha but you love to go and party, you might not feel like driving or taking a bus all the way to St. Julian’s every time you go out. Think about where your friends and family live too, in relation to your new home. How easy will it be to meet up with them? An ideal location might not feel so ideal when you find yourself spending too much time in the car or waiting for the bus. Also be aware of any construction that’s going on around the property, or anything that’s scheduled to happen in the near future. There’s a lot of it going on at the moment and power tools are not the nicest thing to wake up to!


If you keep these things in mind when you’re looking for a new property to buy or to rent in Malta, you won’t go too far wrong. Not everything is black and white, though. As long as you know, before you start looking, what you are and what you aren’t willing to compromise on, you’ll find the perfect home in no time! Speak to a member of one of our expert teams (at Zanzi Homes for sales and at QuickLets for rentals) if you’re looking for a new home in Malta. We’re always on hand to help with your search !

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Victoria Woods