Interior Design Trends Coming in 2019

Interior Design Trends Coming in 2019

2019 is here, and the new year brings new design trends. Fashions change year in, year out. Every year, people are wearing different clothes, sporting different jewellery and designing their homes differently. When you look back at interior design trends from the 50s, 70s, 90s or even 10 years ago, they look incredibly outdated! You never think, when you’re doing it up, that your house will look unstylish in the future. But it will! We’re here to tell you all about what’s in in 2019. If you’re looking to let out your Malta apartment or flat, it might be a good idea to update your décor. The more attractive it looks; the more renters will be willing to pay. If you’re currently renting in Malta, you can adapt these trends. This way, you can incorporate them into your home without actually making any permanent changes to the finish or furnishings. Have a read of some of the biggest interior design trends coming in 2019. Take inspiration and freshen up your home to get your year off to a stylish start!

As is the case with many industries, no two companies or style guides can completely agree on what’s in and what’s out. For example, Dulux has announced ‘Spiced Honey’ as the colour of the year in 2019. Spiced Honey is a warm, amber shade of brown, almost like caramel. Pantone, on the other hand, has declared that the colour of the year is ‘Living Coral’. In contrast to Spiced Honey, Living Coral is a bright shade of orangey-pink. This just goes to show how two, totally unalike things can be in fashion at the same time! The world of interior design also tends to attract many pretentious terms for a lot of things. So, you might read a style guide article and get to the end of it having no clue what it was actually about. What on earth does it mean when they tell you that ‘mid-century is out’ and ‘boho chic is in’? Let us try and clarify this for you and get your homes looking trendy in 2019. 

Natural materials

Apparently, 2019 is the year to incorporate natural materials into your interior design. Some designers are telling you to embrace copper and brass, whereas others aren’t. One thing everyone can agree on, and that’s that rose gold is no longer stylish. If you’re doing up a place to let it out, think about installing copper or brass taps in your bathroom. If you’re renting your apartment in Malta, and you aren’t allowed to change the taps, you could get some copper or brass decorative accessories. When you can’t change any fittings, you can always add a trendy vase, candle holder or ornament. Concrete is also coming into fashion this year. In 2019, add anything made out of concrete and it will look cool. Your walls, your floors, your coffee table and even your bathtub will look great made from concrete!

Plants, plants, plants

This year, it’s time to turn your house into an indoor garden! 2019 is the year to go green. Plants add a really lovely touch to any home. Don’t just add one or two plants, you really can go overboard this year with greenery. Plants can be simply decorative, but they can also be useful. Plats purify the air and increase humidity, which can be beneficial to your health. Plants have also been proven to reduce stress and increase productivity. Herbs can add a splash of green to your kitchen and a lot of fresh flavour to your food! In your bedroom, fragrant plants like lavender and jasmine can help you sleep. Spider plants and snake plants are also great choices for your bedroom as they release oxygen and purify the air overnight. 

Floral patterns

On the theme of going green, floral patterns are also in this year. If you’re redecorating, consider choosing a tasteful, floral wallpaper to use somewhere in your home. It doesn’t have to be very bold, in fact the more delicate, the better. You don’t even have to use it on every wall in a room, just one accent wall will really add a nice touch. Another way to add floral patterns to your home without redoing your walls is with fabric and art. Floral-patterned cushions or bedsheets are a great idea. This is especially the case if you’re renting, as you can add your personal touch without making any permanent changes. Are your bare walls looking boring? Hang up a floral painting or a framed photograph to bring them into fashion!

Paint it black

Although two, separate colours of the year have been announced, and neither of them are black, black is also in in 2019! Black, particularly matte black, is to be very fashionable this year in terms of interior design. Designers are encouraging you to go for a black bathroom, complete with black cupboards, black tiles, black bath and black sink! Black kitchens are also set to be a thing. One of the hottest trends is also contrasting black with white. So, think monochrome when you’re renovating your kitchen or bathroom this year.

Bold tiles

Bold, patterned tiles are also a popular trend this year. Many different patters have been in style over the years, from Moroccan tiles to geometric-patterned tiles. In 2019, it seems that anything goes – as long as it’s bold and colourful! Those Maltese tiles you thought were outdated and gross are now the height of fashion! You can incorporate these beautiful, bold tiles anywhere in your home. Use them to tile your floor, your bathroom or the backsplash in your kitchen. You could even buy or create your own tile wall art! 

So we still have no idea what ‘boho chic’ is or why we need to be avoiding anything from ‘mid-century’, but we do know a few things. Go green, go black, go copper, go brass, go Spiced Honey, go Living Coral, go bold and go floral! Really, you can do whatever you like! Don’t worry too much about following trends too closely. It’s always great to add your own personal touch as it will make it feel more like home. 


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Victoria Woods