Best Pets for Renters

Best Pets for Renters

Renting an apartment in Malta if you have a pet can be an absolute nightmare. This isn’t just the case in Malta; it’s the same in many countries all over the world. Landlords tend to be very picky about who they rent to. In addition to rejecting tenants with pets, landlords often say no to any tenants who have children. The reason is that there’s a belief that children and pets cause extra damage to properties. In a few cases, this may be true, but mostly it’s not. However, it’s nothing that can’t be fixed by the landlord asking for a larger deposit, just in case. Landlords can also add a clause to the contract which requires the tenant to do a deep-clean and repair the damage caused (if any) at the end of his or her lease. 

Some landlords in Malta will strictly say no to tenants with pets. However, you might be lucky and find a landlord who’s a little more flexible. If you have more than one pet, or you have a big pet (such as a large dog) – be prepared for a hard no. On the other hand, with the right kind of pet, you might be able to sway your new landlord to welcoming you and your furry, feathered or fishy friend. This week, we’ve had a look at some of the best pets for renters. These pets are ones that landlords might be more willing to accept than some others. If you get one of these pets, you might have an easier time finding a flat to rent in Malta than someone with a huge, boisterous dog. Get in touch with an agent from QuickLets if you’re on the hunt for a pet-friendly rental property!


This is first on the list because pet fish are probably the easiest to home. There’s no risk of fish causing any damage to a property, or making it smell. The only thing that could possibly go wrong with a fish tank is that it might leak. But so can a bathtub, a shower, a washing machine or a sink! Also, with a decent fish tank, this isn’t very likely at all. Fish can make great pets! Apart from that, a fish tank filled with colourful fish can be a lovely addition to any home. With any pet, it’s very important to keep them healthy and happy. Different fish have different needs, in terms of water temperature, tank size, and so on. If you’ve never owned fish before, do a little research so that you are aware of the basics before heading to the pet store. You can have a saltwater aquarium or a freshwater aquarium, for example. Saltwater aquariums are more expensive to maintain. Saltwater fish tend to be pricier, as well. For beginners, mostly you’ll be recommended to start with a small, freshwater aquarium. 

An indoor cat

Finding a rental property if you have an indoor cat might be easier than if you have an outdoor cat. This is especially the case if you have an older cat, not a kitten. Kittens and young cats have a lot more energy and they are much more playful. Older cats tend to be a lot more docile. Cats can sleep for 16 hours per day, and longer if they’re older. If you give your cat some decent play time during his or her waking hours, there’s no reason why they would be badly behaved or cause any damage. It would also seriously reassure any landlord to know that your cat is litterbox-trained and knows how to use a scratch post! What’s more, when you have an indoor cat, there’s no increased risk of your kitty bringing home worms or fleas. In fact, the only way indoor cats would pick these up is if you bring them home on your clothes, hair or shoes. Plus, cats are super clean animals, and they’re all-round awesome. 

A well-trained, little dog

There’s no doubt about it: small dogs are more easily accepted by landlords than big dogs. Why? There’s the mindset that the bigger the dog, the more damage it will cause. This could very well be true in some instances but by no means is this a universal fact! Some small dogs can be total devils. It really depends on the owner and how well the dog is trained. If you really want a dog but you don’t own your own apartment in Malta, then choose a smaller breed. It would be a great idea for you to choose a breed that’s ‘hypoallergenic’ or one that sheds as little as possible. There are many breeds that fit the bill, including: the Dachshund (Sausage Dog), the Miniature Schnauzer, the Whippet, the Maltese, and many more. Be aware that most landlords will be wary to accept a puppy. Landlords may be more flexible if you have an older, well-trained dog. One that’s not going to wee, poop and destroy anything in the apartment with its growing teeth! If your landlord is sceptical, why not arrange for them to meet your dog so they can see your furry pal won’t be a terror. Furthermore, try to obtain a ‘pet reference’ from your previous landlord (and/or neighbours) if possible – this might help to swing things in your favour. 

Guinea Pig

Lastly, you could think about getting a guinea pig. This is last on the list as guinea pigs do require some outside space to run around in, which many apartments (and even houses) in Malta don’t have. However, if you are lucky enough to be renting a place with a small yard or a decent-sized balcony, a guinea pig might be the pet for you! Guinea pigs hardly cause any trouble, especially when they are inside and in their cages. Guinea pigs, like cats, are very clean animals. Therefore, if you take good care of its cage, by cleaning it out often, these pets shouldn’t be smelly. If you don’t let them out of their cage inside the property, there’s no chance of them causing any damage either. They don’t need walks, they don’t tend to bite, and they are easy to care for. One thing to consider before getting a guinea pig, however, is how sociable they are. It is always recommended that you get more than one so that your guinea pig isn’t lonely or sad. 


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