Why Choose Malta?

Why Choose Malta?

Why Malta? A better question to ask would be why not? Three little dots on the World map that whip up an eclectic blend of modern cultural diversity, shaken with rich history and catholic traditions and stirred with pristine beaches and swimming havens.

The islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino bridge the gap between Europe and the coast of North Africa. The honey coloured landscape sets off a stunning visual contrast against the light blue sky and the dark blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea. The islands are constantly causing ripples as a World class diving destination, coming in second place, surpassing even the Maldives. Read More

The Maltese Archipelago covers an area of just 316km/sq, but boasts a sunny climate all year round. Home to just under half a million hospitable smiles, this little rock in the Med packs a serious punch as an ultimate travel destination and will have you questioning whether you'd ever want to leave. 

If you're splashing out on a luxurious holiday, book yourself into one of the many 4 or 5 star hotels dotted around the islands and get into pamper mode. Malta also caters for all pockets, from rustic farmhouses on the sister island of Gozo and homely boutique hotels to backpacker style hostels for those on a traveller's budget. 

Thinking of creating your own learning holiday? The Maltese Islands have been ranked in the top 8 countries worldwide as one of the best places to learn English. Read More


Claiming both Maltese and English as our national tongue and with many professional English Language schools to choose from, it's no wonder some 80,000 students are attracted to our shores annually. Read More

Malta is home to a booming party scene for generations X and Y. Paceville, Malta's very own "little Ibiza", pumps out anything from techno, house and trance to hip hop, rock and electro-swing early into the wee hours of the morning. In summer, you'll be spoilt for choice with sunset boat parties, massive outdoor venues hosting well-known international DJs and the notorious Isle of MTV concert. 

Malta is just around the corner. AirMalta operates from most countries while low cost carriers have opened the islands' doors to a whole new market of tourists and business travellers seeking better value for money within the clutches of Europe (we are a mere 3 hours flight from most European countries). The tiny size of the islands also means that everything is in close proximity so delays and long commutes normally associated with other countries are practically non-existent in Malta. 

Whether searching for business or pleasure, the Maltese Islands can deliver on both. Due to its strategic location, it's accession to the European Union and the inclusion of the Euro, Malta is a highly cost competitive business hub.
While being home to some of the oldest temples in the world (the Ggantija temples date back some 5500 years!), Malta has kept up with the times and is fully equipped to hold business conferences accommodating anything from small team building activities to large scale business events. 

And if you're looking for a little less business but a little more pleasure, then Malta and Gozo are the getaway you've been craving. Summer is always stretching its way further along the calendar year, earning Malta the Best Climate in the World ranking in the International Living 2011 Quality of Life index (website link below). The best time to visit could be anytime between March and November, depending on how much sun you can handle. 

The rich history and catholic element can be seen all around the islands with numerous forts, museums, temples and churches adorning every corner (359 churches, to be exact, one for every day of the year, if you're into it). Those tourists who hop over between June and September will surely witness one of the many FESTAs occurring weekly all over the islands. Each village celebrates it's own patron saint with religious ceremonies, marching bands, dancing processions, life-sized statues of the saint, colourful displays of fireworks, street parties, and plenty of local food and drink to go around. Be sure to sample the local QUBBAJT (nougat). 

If culture and spirituality aren't your cup of tea, then immerse yourself in the adventure sports available on all 3 islands. Get involved in rock climbing, sailing, abseiling, horse riding, kitesurfing and windsurfing, or opt for more relaxing activities such as Segway tours, bird watching, boat trips, museums, jeep safaris and casinos - anything to entice and excite travellers of all ages and backgrounds. 

Recently Malta has experienced a surge of independent festivals which have become widely popular with locals and tourists alike. The bi-annual Comino Fest brings together a week long series of events including camping, yoga, live instrumental jamming nights, nature walks and star gazing around a fire on the beautiful island of Comino, home to the cool turquoise waters of the Blue Lagoon. So whether you're an adrenalin junkie, a historical lover or a laid back soul, the Maltese islands will provide the perfect balance for all. 

'Along with its top climate ranking, Malta's many other virtues combined to earn it third place overall in the 2011 Quality of Life Index, preceded only by New Zealand and the U.S.' Read More

Looks like we're not the only ones to believe that Malta is indeed one of the best places in the world to study English, one of the best places to travel and quite possibly one of the best places to live. So what are you waiting for? Dust off your suitcase, let us help you experience all Malta has to offer - and don't forget to pack your sunnies!

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