How to Decorate Your Rental Apartment in Malta

How to Decorate Your Rental Apartment in Malta

Renting an apartment in Malta comes with a lot of benefits. When you rent an apartment in Malta, unlike if you would be the owner, you aren’t responsible for any repairs or upkeep. If any of your appliances break or stop working, the landlord will have to replace it for you (if you didn’t break it, of course). Similarly, if there’s a leak or any other problem with the property, the cost of repairs will come out of the landlord’s pocket and not yours. Assuming, of course, you weren’t the cause of the damage! As a renter, you also have way more flexibility if you want to move. It’s much easier to move to a new rental apartment than it is to sell your home and buy somewhere new. If you’re renting in an area of Malta that you don’t like, or that’s inconvenient for you, you can wait until your contract is over and then move. Or, if you don’t mind losing your deposit, you can move even before your lease is over.

On the other hand, when you rent, you don’t have as much control over the interior design as you would if you were to own the apartment yourself. The owner of the apartment is the one who chooses the paint colours, the wallpaper, the furniture, the layout and the appliances. As a tenant, it’s often stipulated in the contract that you are not allowed to make any changes to the apartment. This rules out big structural changes, such as knocking down a wall, as well as cosmetic changes, like re-painting or even hanging pictures and art on the walls. This can feel a bit restrictive and can often make your rental apartment in Malta never really feel like home. So, if the apartment that you rent isn’t really done up to your taste, what can you do? How can you decorate it, and make it feel more like home, without doing any damage? Read on to find out some great tips!

Double check with your landlord before you making any changes

Before you make any changes to your rental apartment, it’s always best to check with the landlord. Landlords may come and check the apartment from time to time (with your permission) and most of them probably won’t react well to surprises! When you sign the contract, double check with your landlord to see what changes they are or aren’t happy with you making to the property. Some landlords in Malta might be happy with you repainting the whole place, but others won’t like it even if you rearrange the furniture. It’s always beneficial to keep a good relationship with your landlord, and this requires respect from you towards the property and the owner.

Soft furnishings

Soft furnishings are a great way to pop some of your personality into your rental apartment. These do no damage whatsoever! Something as simple as adding cushions to your sofa, in colours and fabrics and patterns that you like, can make it feel a lot homelier. In the winter, you could also drape some blankets over the sofa and the bed. Rugs can make it feel cosier in the colder months as well. There are so many home stores in Malta that you’re bound to find some soft furnishings that you like. When you move apartment all you have to do is box them up and take them with you – no repairs necessary!

Light fixtures

Many rental apartments in Malta only have the basics. For the landlord, it makes sense that they wouldn’t go for the most expensive fixtures, fittings and furniture. Sometimes, this ends up with the apartment having no personality. Often, the light fixtures will be very plain and cheap, or even just light bulbs! Ceiling lights and shades are easy to replace and cause no damage when you do so. Go to your local home store and pick out something you really like. Keep the old fixture as well, so that you can switch it back before you move out. If you need some extra light in any of the rooms, you could also get a stylish floor or table lamp.

Picture frames and hanging art

Instead of damaging the walls by hanging up paintings and pictures using screws and nails, you can buy some standing picture frames. These are great to put on desks, tables and bookshelves. Surround yourself with photos of your friends and family and you’ll instantly feel more comfortable. Alternatively, you could get some magnetic frames from your fridge, or even just pop the photos up there using magnets. You can buy self-adhesive hooks for the walls, but you’ll need to make sure that the hook can take the weight of your frame. These shouldn’t cause any damage but if the paint on the walls is particularly old, it might cause the paint to peel off when you remove them so do be careful.

Plants and fake grass

Plants are a fantastic option if you’re looking for zero-damage décor. Many indoor plants thrive in the Maltese climate and add a lovely green touch to any rental home. Having plants inside has been linked to increased productivity, better sleep and better mental health! There are some great garden centres in Malta where you can go shopping for plants and pots. Some top recommendations for your apartment in Malta would be succulents, herbs, orchids, ferns and palms. If the apartment you rent has a balcony, you could also pot some plants outside and put down some fake grass. Fake grass is just like a rug and causes absolutely no damage whatsoever to your balcony floor. Better yet, you don’t even have to water it!

Stick-on wallpaper

Stick-on wallpaper is a good option if you aren’t allowed to paint but really don’t like the colour of a wall! Sometimes called ‘peel and stick wallpaper’, this stuff is super easy to put up and remove. It comes in so many awesome colours and designs, you’ll have a great time choosing your favourite style. Stick-on wallpaper is so much easier to put up than traditional wallpaper. It doesn’t damage the paint underneath and you can remove it and reposition it whenever you like. Do let the landlord know you’re going to put some up, so that they don’t get a shock if they come to see the apartment at any time!

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