QuickLets Rewards Top Performing Offices with a Sky Dive!

QuickLets Rewards Top Performing Offices with a Sky Dive!

Renowned for being the largest Letting Agency on the island, QuickLets are also known to
be a fun place to work. With a fantastic team environment, in depth training and monthly
incentives, QuickLets are always happy to reward their staff that reach monthly goals.

Throughout the year, they have already organised events every month where they reward
top performing offices. Events have ranged from meals and cocktails to a day out on quad
bikes or paintball or even outdoor laser tag.

Last weekend, two separate groups went up on Saturday and Sunday, with a total of 32 top
performing team members attending the trip.

“These monthly events are a great way to further strengthen the bond we have not only as
individual offices, but also as a collective.” Mark Sant Cassia, QuickLets Brand Manager and
organiser of the event said.

“We provide the platform for our staff to succeed and we are always more than willing to
reward those that do. The environment we have created has really helped our team grow
and thrive together. Giving them the opportunity to do something this exciting is something
not many companies can say they offer, let alone one that has been around for little over 5
years.” he added.

Steve Mercieca, QuickLets CEO and co-founder added “From day one we have believed in
working hard yet having events where our teams can strengthen relationships and most
importantly, have fun.”

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