How to Save Money on Electricity - Energy Saving Tips for the Household

How to Save Money on Electricity - Energy Saving Tips for the Household

Christmas has come and gone. We’re all looking to save some money now the festive season is over. If we look back at the year, the news has been full about climate change. Greta Thunberg became a popular figure in the battle against climate change. We have seen protests all across the world. Children have taken part in climate strikes at school, even in Malta. Extinction Rebellion – a global environmental movement - has become a force all across the world. As we’ve all become environmental aware this year, many of us are trying to take measures to reduce our carbon footprint. Malta has the second highest rate of carbon emissions in the EU. This is astonishing considering Malta’s size. This only shows that we still have a long way to go. However, there are many small changes we can commit to around the household. Saving energy around the household will also help to reduce household bills. This is a great incentive if you’re looking to save some money as your New Year’s Resolution. Here are some quick and simple energy saving tips which you can get started with straight away. 


Energy Saver Lightbulbs 


The average household spends 5% of its energy budget just on lighting the house. Energy saving lightbulbs are an efficient way to save money. There are two available on the market: compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) and light emitting diode (LED) light bulbs. These light bulbs will initially cost more than the standard light bulb. But, they will save you money over time. CFL light bulbs use a massive 50-80% less energy than regular light bulbs. These light bulbs will save you money over time. They’re also a better alternative for the environment. Don’t forget to always turn your lights off when you leave the room. This can easily save you some money and help conserve energy. There is no point in wasting energy when you know it’s harming the environment. 


Replacing Old Appliances


No one wants to fork out the big bucks when it comes to electrical equipment. Sometimes, we have to take one for the team and buy that new washing machine or fridge. Keeping your old freezer for the sake of saving money could cost you money in the long run. It’s important to check the energy-efficiency ratings next time you buy a new appliance. All appliances have a rating between A+++ and D, with A+++ being the most energy efficient. It is calculated that you can save hundreds of euros in energy bills if you swap over to an A+++ rated appliance. Providing regular maintenance to your appliances will also help make a difference. 


Switching Off Unused Devices 


This may seem like common sense. But, it is surprising how many people forget to turn off their devices once they’ve stopped using them. Leaving anything plugged in can continue to waste electricity, even when not in use. This also includes the toaster and kettle you have in the kitchen. Remember to turn the switch off after you’re finished using them. Leaving your electronic equipment on sleep also continues to consume energy. It’s still wasting electricity in the background. It may seem insignificant, but this can add-up across an entire year. This one is mainly going to affect the children as they may leave games consoles or laptops on sleep mode. Remind them to fully switch their electrical equipment off when they’ve finished playing with it. 


Wash Clothes at a Lower Temperature and at a Full Load 


Switching your washing temperature from 40° to 30° can reduce energy costs by up to 46%. Not only will this save you money, but it will also preserve energy which is better for the environment. Your clothes will still come out perfectly clean. Another advantage of this is that clothes dye is less likely to run at a lower temperature. Invest in some colour catchers if you’re still worried about dye running in the wash. Washing machines can take up a lot of energy. Be sure to always wash at a full load. Cutting down on your wash cycle is a very effective way to conserve energy and save money. 


Insulation for the Colder Months 


Insulation works in all seasons. It will keep your house warm during the Winter and keep cold air inside during the Summer. We all know Maltese houses are prone to getting a little chilly inside during the colder months. Investing in some double-glazing can help keep your rooms a little warmer. This will help reduce energy bills as you can keep your electrical heater on at a lower setting. If you’re not prepared to spend that kind of money there are still small steps you can take to help. Draft stoppers are an effective way to keep the cold air out. You’ll easily be able to find them online or at the local market. 


Turn Off the Air Conditioner 


We still have a while to go until Summer approaches. However, it’ll come around right before you know it. Air conditioners are very expensive to run and waste a lot of energy. Be sure to turn them off every time you leave the house. Your bills will soon start racking up if you leave the air conditioner on all the time. It’s also important to stay up to date on maintenance. It is recommended you change the filter every month. By doing so, you’ll get enough cooler air at the minimum temperature. This will save you energy and money. 


Use a Microwave Instead of the Oven 


I’m not telling you to only eat microwavable meals here. That’s neither good for you nor the environment. However, most people don’t utilise their microwave’s oven setting. A microwave is almost four times as energy efficient as an oven. If you scroll through the internet, you’ll find plenty of recipes that have been specifically prepared for the microwave. These recipes can even save you time after a long day at work. It can also be fun to try experimenting with something new. Just be careful to always use microwave-safe dishes when cooking. 


It’s important to monitor your consumption levels to help reduce the amount of energy you use in the household. These changes may seem small and insignificant, but over time they can make a big difference. We all have a carbon footprint and we all need to try our best to help reduce it. These small steps aren’t extreme, and they also work to your benefit. Everyone wants to save a little money here and there. So, see it as an incentive for you as well. Investing in energy efficient appliances can also appeal to your tenants if you’re letting your property. Many people are looking to save money where they can. If you’re looking to let your property in Malta, then please get in touch with one of our letting specialists at QuickLets. We wish you all a Happy New Year. 

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