The Biggest and Best Home Design Trends in 2020

The Biggest and Best Home Design Trends in 2020

Out with the old, in with the new. Fashion comes and goes. There are loads of upcoming trends making their way through 2020. Make this the year you renovate your rental property and give your tenants a home they will feel comfortable in. We’ve gathered the top ten trends to follow this year. As told by the famous Yves Saint Laurent, “fashions fade, style is eternal”. Turn one of these trends into eternal style for your rental property!


Vintage Feels 


Vintage always has a way of making its way back on the fashion agenda. There is a constant battle between modern and vintage. Why not prefer mix vintage pieces with brighter, whiter tones? This will not only make that beautiful vintage piece of furniture stand out but, will also make your home feel less medieval. Vintage can add an elegant tone to your rental property. It’s also a good excuse to go to some flea markets to see if you can set your sights on something really special.


Floral Wallpaper


Floral wallpaper is best incorporated on just one wall in a room. It will be far too overwhelming if the entire room was decorated with floral wallpaper. Many artists and designers are creating more modern floral styles, bringing a chic atmosphere to your interiors.


Bold Colours 


2020 is the year of standing out. Minimalism has gone out the window. It’s all about those eye-catching details this year. Dark navy and black seem to be the most popular colours this year. This is especially true for the kitchen. If you’ve been thinking about remodelling the kitchen, why not go for something different? Be brave and try something bold. The trend this year is daring colours for your kitchen cabinets and island!


Pale Earthy Tones 


This is probably the most minimalistic trend of the year. If you prefer something more subtle, then earthy tones will be great for you. Clay and terracotta are also popular colour schemes for this year, adding some warm tones to your rental property. This is the perfect trend for you if you adore the rustic vibe. Mixing these tones with warm fabrics will add extra cosiness. This will enhance the comfort in your home. Your tenants will never want to leave!


Curved Furniture 


If you’re into the modern aesthetic vibe, then you will love this trend. Add a bit of retro to your living room by investing in a contemporary curved sofa. This will especially suit art lovers. If your room enjoys the modern art piece or two, curved furniture will add to the creative ambience. Not only that, but it’ll add a unique touch to your home. Your interior design will stand out from the crowd!


Grand Designs 


If you’re into the finer things in life then this is the design trend for you. The baroque style originated in Italy in the 17th century. It fits in perfectly in its neighbouring Mediterranean country of Malta. Embodying luxury and elegance, Baroque furniture certainly never goes out of style in Malta. Many Maltese families are proud to present their elegant furniture. This is nothing short of maximalism. It’s best to combine this particular furniture style with something more subtle if you want to avoid your property looking like your grandma’s home though.




Our obsession with plants is not going anywhere this year. Real indoor plants will freshen up all your rooms. They add a pleasant atmosphere to your home. The added benefits of indoor plants are that they will purify the air indoors, eliminating toxins and producing oxygen. Houseplants have also been proven to help reduce stress. This is why it’s always best to buy real house plants over fake ones. 


Antique Decorations 


Both old and new are the contrasting trends of the year. Home décor seems to be going in both directions. Antique decorations are going to be popular this year. You can still uphold a very modern place, whilst furnishing something that a little older. This will add a special touch to your rental property. Head over to your local flea market. You may be really lucky and spot a gem! Antique decorations range from a beautiful vase to a trunk case you can use as a coffee table. You only need one item to complement your interior!


Rattan and Wicker Furniture  


Rattan and wicker furniture are making a comeback. Highly praised interior designer Nicole Fuller admires its balance between traditional and modern style. This is the year of polarity as the past meets the present. Rattan and wicker furniture are versatile as it fits well both inside and out. If your property has a balcony, take advantage of this trend. With this kind of furniture, you can bring some style to your outdoor areas!


Striking Patterns and Geometric Shapes 


Geometric patterns have only been getting more and more popular over the years, and it’s not going away anytime soon. Tiles are the best way to incorporate these lively patterns into your property. The backsplash – a panel behind a sink or cooker – is going to be the most wanted trend this year. Add some colour to the kitchen by incorporating some geometric tiles to your wall. Malta is well-known for its traditional Maltese tiles which encompass lavish designs. Go for something daring and bright to make your property look exceptionally striking.


We not only welcome a new year but a new decade too. Give your rental property the makeover it deserves. If you are looking to rent out your property, get in touch with one of our letting specialists. With QuickLets, you can get your property rented faster!

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