10 Ingenious Ideas to Organise Your Bathroom

10 Ingenious Ideas to Organise Your Bathroom

The bathroom is probably given the least amount of love in the home. Yet, we use the bathroom every single day. It’s also the room we go to when we want to pamper ourselves. Bathrooms can be small and messy though. We tend to keep many items there in such a small space. In fact, the bathroom tends to be the messiest room in the house. Toiletries are just left everywhere. There are many smart ways you can keep your bathroom organised. Here are ten organisational tips to keep your bathroom spick and span!

Hanging Shower Caddy

This is a prime item particularly if you have a small shower. You don’t want to strain your back reaching down for your shower gel every time you have a shower. You can simply hang a caddy on your shower head. Many hanging shower organisers are cleverly designed as well. They have hooks to hang your showers poufs and razors. It will make your shower or bathtub look instantly tidier as all your items are contained. Keeping all your toiletries away from the shower floor will also prevent tripping accidents if you’re prone to being clumsy!

Storage Baskets

Storage baskets not only keep your bathroom organised, but they’ll add a nice interior touch too! You can use your baskets to store a range of different things. The first thing that comes to mind is towels. Neatly roll them up and keep them in delightful wicker basket. You can even buy a small basket to store all your toilet rolls. There are plenty of designs and colours to choose from. Keep it simple by opting for more natural, brown tones. Or, you may want to add some more colour to your bathroom. The world is your oyster.

Corner Shelves

Add an element of chic to your bathroom. Corners are some of the best ways you can optimise your storage space. You want your bathroom to look glamorous if you plan on pampering yourself. Use your corner shelves to place your candles and plants. Better yet, add your extravagant perfume bottle there. Bathrooms can tend to be bland and boring. Corner shelves can maximise the allure and appeal to your bathroom.

Wall or Free-Standing Cabinet

A cabinet will instantly increase your storage space. You can store all your extra toiletries in here. We tend to hoard on toiletries in case we run out. Having that extra space to store them will make the bathroom feel less cluttered. There are a range of different cabinets to choose from. If you have enough space in your bathroom, go for a larger free-standing cabinet. Fear not if your space is a bit smaller. There are plenty of wall cabinets you can purchase to add some extra storage to your bathroom.

A Double Rod on Your Shower Curtain

This is a clever hack to optimise your storage space. Drying your fabrics can sometimes take up too much space. Add another rod to your shower curtain to act as a dryer. This way, your towels won’t even be on display. The smart thing about this trick is it allows your towels and delicates to drip-dry into the tub. This trick won’t take much hassle to install. You’re essentially killing two birds with one stone.

Glass Jars

We tend to keep a lot of small items scattered around in the bathroom. These tend to be cotton buds and cotton disks. Leaving them in their plastic packaging is certainly not aesthetically pleasing. Glass jars are the way forward. They’ll keep your bathroom organised and they tend to look nicer. Make your jars look more delightful by labelling them. Now’s the time to practise your calligraphy skills. You can keep your glass jars on your newly installed shelves!

A Cute Cart

Carts are an ideal way to increase storage space. They’re also convenient because they don’t leave your essentials locked up in a drawer. Carts are best utilised for the everyday toiletries you want within easy reach. Be sure to divide your cart well. You don’t want it to get too cluttered. Place some jars and baskets on your cart to keep all your items organised. Let’s be honest, you’re unlikely to actually use the wheels of your cart unless your bathroom is really small, in which case it might be convenient to wheel it around if you have no choice but to place it in front of a closet or the shower door for instance! In any case, a cart will add a lovely interior touch.

Shelving Unit Above the Toilet

This is a creative way to add more storage to your bathroom. There is already a toilet occupying the space, so you may as well extend it upwards. This would be a prime spot to store all your loo rolls. Why not keep a candle here to keep your bathroom smelling lovely. Add a few intricate ornaments to your shelving unit to add some extra glamour to your bathroom.

Keep Your Bath Toys in a Storage Bag

If you have children, you’ll know how easy it is to have their spread all over the house. This goes for the bathroom too. Most children need some toys to incentivise them to have a wash. Keep a mesh laundry bag by the bathtub to store all their rubber toys. This can easily be placed here with a suction cup hook. If you prefer not to keep their toys on display, put them in a basket and place it in a drawer.

Drawer Dividers

Dividers are an excellent way to keep all your toiletries and items organised. This will stop your cosmetics from rolling around to the back of the drawer. It’ll be much easier to keep your morning beauty routine in check. The compartments are often in different shapes and sizes so you can organise a range of different items. This is an ideal way to group like items together and keep your drawers from looking cluttered.

There are plenty of ways to keep your bathroom organised and tidy. Just because the bathroom tends to be situated in a small space, there is no need for it to remain cluttered. Keeping your bathroom organised will also make your morning routine easier. These organisational tips also don’t require refurbishment. They can be added even if you are renting a property. If you’re hoping to move properties soon, contact one of our letting specialists at QuickLets today.


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