Home Interior Inspiration from All Across the World

Home Interior Inspiration from All Across the World

When travelling the world, you get a feel of their interior aesthetic. From visiting cafes to shops, each place has its own unique vibe. It’s always nice to bring something back from your travels to display at home. Sometimes, a country can simply take your breath away. You just fall in love with its culture and atmosphere. Travelling is an amazing way to gain some interior design inspiration for your own home. It will add a certain sense of uniqueness. You can discover new things and learn more about what you desire. Bring back some of that culture to your own home. The world is so different and it’s wonderful that we can discover so many new captivating ideas. This also applies to interior design. If you want to be inspired, take a look at some of these interior design characteristics.




Scandinavian interior design has made a name for itself. Scandinavia is one of the most sustainable regions on the planet. You can see this lifestyle adopted in their interior design. It’s all about minimalism. Less is more! Scandinavian interior design embodies the modern home. The interior is sleek and clean, ensuring colours are kept neutral. As the region remains cold and dark for most of the year, there is an emphasis on cosiness. Blankets and candles are a must. The most colourful things you’ll find in a room are plants and lots of them! Scandinavians love bringing the outdoors back into their home. Who wouldn’t think so for such a beautiful region? Their homes are also known for remaining slightly dim. Lampshades are designed in such a way as to contain light. If you’re looking for something minimal but cosy, then Scandinavian interior is right for you.




Subtle and tranquil, Japanese interior design is enchanting. For those that love earthy and natural tones, you will fall in love with Japanese aesthetics. If you’re into minimalistic living, you’re not going to get any better than Japanese interior. Everything is perfectly positioned to please the eye. If you’re into colourful fabrics, then this type of interior style is not for you. Japanese style is inspired by natural wood and keeping things simple. Japanese interior design is all about balancing the space around you. This is known as ‘Ma’. A balanced and clear home helps to bring in a sense of calm. Japanese style is more of a philosophy of feeling grateful for what you already have. The earthy tones are an ode to our plants to give thanks to the world around us. Bring a little zen into your home by adopting this interior design inspiration.  


Great British 


There seems to be a fascination with anything quintessentially English. British interior design is award-winning in its own right. It’s a picture out of the old classic movies. British style is not very minimalistic, but it expresses a feeling of home. There is a rich tone of colours and patterns. British homes are not afraid to stand out. Imagine an open fire surrounded by a bookcase. An armchair perfectly placed to feel the warmth of the fire whilst you catch the light coming from the window. Expect plenty of floral design. Most of the days in England are grey and wet. British interior design is cheerful to escape the clouds outside. If you prefer something more traditional and slightly flamboyant then take inspiration from Great British design.


Los Angeles 


As you can imagine, Los Angeles interior style impersonates the rich and glamour. What else is there to expect from Hollywood? With cool tones and pristine furniture, the style personifies endless sunshine. Los Angeles style is innovative and it’s not afraid to break boundaries. As Los Angeles homes are only one step away from the beach, expect blue, cream and light brown tones. Wicker furniture is particularly prominent around the area as residents relax outside in the sun. Los Angeles interior design is modern glamour. It’s aesthetically pleasing without being too much. Los Angeles style offers bright surroundings, making space feel more open. Expect the best of the best from these movie stars. If you want a home for the rich and famous, take inspiration from the soul of California.


Middle Eastern 


If you want to feel transported every time you come back home, embrace Middle Eastern style. The Arab world offers some of the most intricate and beautiful artwork. Colour will dominate your surroundings. In fact, some Maltese design is inspired by the Arabs. The traditional Maltese tiles originate from the Middle East. The region is famous for its magnificent and complex mosaic designs. Drapery is also used amongst the interior decoration. Silk curtains add a touch of luxury. Beds are overshadowed by luxurious canopies. The dominant colour of Middle Eastern style is a deep blue. Dark colours help to enrich the mosaic designs. Lanterns help to enrich the dark interior. Middle Eastern interior likes to experiment with shapes. Morocco is famous for its arches and columns. Middle Eastern interior design will enchant you. If you’re captivated by rich colours and intricate designs, Middle Eastern style is sure to inspire you!


European French 


French interior is inspired by its 17th century baroque influence. Expect nothing but a grand setting. France is known for its famous and talented designers. This continues to extend into the world of interior design. You will adore French interior style if you have an appreciation for art. French interior is the far opposite of modern. You’ll be transported back in time by its grand designs. Curves are accentuated with pedestal feet. Furniture is also decorated with elaborate motifs. Chandeliers highlight French grandeur. Gold is the leading colour as the aristocrats wanted to exhibit their power and wealth. French interior design may not be for everyone. But, if you’re looking for something that will captivate everyone’s attention, baroque style is the way forward.




Brooklyn is known for its innovative rustic style. Its characteristics have travelled all across the globe. Brooklyn interior design is contemporary but easy-going. It doesn’t try too hard. Various tones of brown are featured – reclaimed wood is a big trademark. Bare brick walls and tall hanging lamps are a famous characteristic. You will instantly feel the vibes of New York when you enter a modern, rustic room. Brooklyn style is all about effortless innovation. Upcycling is encouraged. Visit a thrift shop or market and be inspired. Brooklyn style is for the young and hipster. It’s not afraid to be a little cluttered. After all, it embodies the industrial look. The best thing about Brooklyn interior design is that you can make it your own. It acts as a base which you can fill up. New York is a city of art lovers. Decorate your Brooklyn style home with pieces of art that suit your personality.  


The world is an astonishing place full of culture. We can learn a lot about ourselves and our preferences by opening up our eyes to the world around us. Every region offers its own unique characteristics. If you fall in love with a feature when out on your travels, bring a little piece of that back home with you. The world offers so much opportunity to discover our desires. If you’re looking to change up your home, don’t rely on trends. Instead, take inspiration from the world around you. After all, it’s your home and it should be decorated to suit your own personality. If you’re looking for a new home to start your new interior journey, please contact one of our letting specialists at QuickLets. We’ll be more than happy to help find your perfect home.

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