The Ultimate Spring-Cleaning Guide!

The Ultimate Spring-Cleaning Guide!

It’s time to bring your dusters out as spring is finally here. Yes, it’s sunny most days in Malta but the temperature is finally starting to feel warmer – that chilly wind is finally sweeping away. It’s been a tradition for decades that each year we welcome Springtime by giving our houses a good old clean. As with most traditions, it originated from religious roots and is a part of Jewish, Christian and Islamic custom. Spring is associated with making way to new beginnings by getting rid of the old. Spring cleaning involves more than just a simple tidy-up and it is no quick fix! Take an entire weekend to vigorously scrub your home from top to bottom as you freshen up the entire place. Although cleaning your house is going to be a huge effort, you’re going to feel the benefit when you come back from work every night. Here is a list of all the great ways to keep your home spick and span and make it feel fresh again.


Clean out your wardrobe and give your old clothes to charity


I’m not a massive fan of clearing out my wardrobe because I prefer to keep my clothes for as long as possible, which has been for years in some cases. The fashion industry is one of the largest polluters out there. However, there’s no point keeping any clothes you know you’re never going to wear as that’s just wasting wardrobe space. Go through each of your clothes and decide which one you want to keep and which ones you wish to give away. Don’t throw your clothes away but instead, give them away to charity where they can be reused (think green!) and appreciated once again.


Alphabetise your precious book collection 


If you’re a book nerd than your bookshelf is bound to get messy from time to time. It’s always a good idea to spend some time sorting out your bookshelf once every year. You can choose to categorise your books whatever way you prefer. You can alphabetise them according to the title, author, genre – or you can even be creative and try to create a unique and beautiful colour flow!


Clean your windows


Windows can get very dirty and they tend to remain neglected. The rain in Malta can certainly leave its mark on your windows due to the dusty conditions over here. Your windows probably need a good clean right this very moment. Purchase a good window cleaner and scrub the day away! Why not try making your own window cleaner solution if you’re environmentally conscious? Just mix vinegar and water, and voilà!


Sort out that junk drawer 


We’ve all got one somewhere. It’s usually your go-to place to store anything that doesn’t quite belong anywhere else. Most of the time, let’s face it, these are items you probably don’t use or will never use again. They’re just wasting precious space. It’s finally time to clear this drawer (or two) and get rid of anything that no longer serves a purpose in your home.


Wash all your textiles and fabrics


We’ve all got into the habit of washing all our clothes and bed sheets on a regular basis, but we rarely give as much attention to other fabrics in the house. Your blankets, curtains and rugs are just as likely to get dirty. Spring cleaning is all about taking care of all the details. Gather all those other fabrics that haven’t had some TLC lately and stick them in your washing machine. You’ll also get the added benefit of a pleasant scent sweeping through your rooms.


Dust all your ornaments, decorations and electrical equipment 


The vacuum cleaner comes out regularly when cleaning up, but we rarely bring out the dusters anymore. Dust can gather up quickly, especially in Malta. It’s probably best to get this done more than once a year but now is the time to dust your surfaces if you haven’t for a while. Be extra careful not to break any of your precious items whilst you get this done. A feather duster is probably the safest and works wonders!


Dispose of your unwanted and old makeup


Your makeup bag also needs a spring-clean! Yes, it’s nice keeping a large collection of makeup but there’s no need to hold on to items that you no longer use. I decreased my lipstick count by half last time I had a clean-out and don’t regret it in the slightest. Your skin will be very thankful you’re taking the time to throw away expired products.  


Give your oven a deep clean


You wash your dishes every day, but you don’t necessarily clean your oven as often as you should. Let’s face it, cleaning your oven can feel like a very daunting task. But, in the essence of spring-cleaning, now is the perfect time to motivate yourself. Wipe all the racks with kitchen detergent – the normal one you use to wash your dishes will do. Purchase a good quality oven cleaner and give the oven a good scrub until it’s squeaky clean. You can make your natural method if you wish using baking powder and vinegar.


Rinse out all your jars


If you’re the type to store your food in containers, then now is the time to give these a good rinse out. Empty your containers and give them a wash with normal washing detergent. Be sure to scrub them well and reach all the odd spots.


Wipe all the surfaces clean 


Spring-cleaning is your chance to give your home a deep clean to bring the shine out on your counters once again. Instead of giving your surfaces a quick wipe like you usually do, remove all objects from the area so that no spot is left untouched. Once all your spring-cleaning is done, your kitchen will look brand new!


Go through your accumulated grocery bags


Over time, we tend to gather a collection of shopping bags and just keep them stored in a drawer. It’s environmentally conscious not to throw these away but there is also no need to keep a hold of so many. Empty these and recycle any excess bags you no longer need. Instead, try to make an effort to remember your carrier bag each time you go out shopping to reduce your plastic waste.


Finish it up with a fresh bouquet of flowers


Spring-cleaning takes up a lot of time and effort – it can be exhausting, and we often leave it to the very last minute. As a reward for all your efforts, buy yourself a fresh bouquet of flowers. This will add a lovely touch to your home once it all looks clean and shiny!


As the seasons change, we welcome new beginnings. You may also be looking out for a big change in your life, such as moving to a new house. If you’re looking to move home in the near future, be sure to get in touch with one of our letting specialists at QuickLets today.

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