Looking For A Pet-Friendly Apartment?

Looking For A Pet-Friendly Apartment?

Have a furry best friend? Are you looking to find a place for you both to live? 45.1% of the Maltese population own a pet. This calls for a significant amount of available pet-friendly apartments in Malta and Gozo, which may be difficult to find. Whether you’re looking for long let or short let, take a look at some tips we’ve compiled to make the process easier on you, your hairy companion and your future landlord.


Do your research on pet-friendly accommodation in Malta and be ready to go

Give yourself a fair amount of time to find a pet-friendly rental apartment. Find a place and be certain that you and your furry friend will be accepted before leaving your current apartment for rent.

Be flexible when it comes to finding a location for a pet friendly long let in Malta or Gozo

Don’t limit yourself to one specific area or town. Rather, have an open mind and explore all options available to you. You never know what you may come across. This will help to increase the likelihood of you and your real estate agent finding a pet-friendly accommodation for you and your companion.

Find the perfect pet-friendly property for rent for you and your feline friend.

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Be prepared for a higher deposit

The main concern for landlords when it comes to rentingout their property to pet owners is the probable damage that may be caused at the hands, or rather paws, of your furry friends. Offering to pay a higher deposit or even a non-refundable payment may help make them feel more inclined to accept you into their rental accommodation. This is a good appeal and will help reassure them to know that all costs will be covered if anything were to happen.


Market your pet

Is your pet the star of their own Instagram account? Use it as their CV to help your landlord fall in love with them as much as you do. Win them over with their cuteness to reel your potential landlord in and assure them that your previous rental apartment was not subjected to any destruction by your little pooch. Could you even invite your landlord to the dog-friendly short-let you’re currently residing in as proof that your pet won’t be too destructive? Have faith in your pet and allow your proprietor to fall in love with those puppy dog eyes.

If you’re thinking of getting a pet and you’re hesitant to know whether you’ll still be able to have a stylish rental flat, Architectural Digest offers plenty of inspiration for you.

Find the perfect pet-friendly apartment for rent for you and your furry friend.

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Don’t closet your pet!

Don’t keep the fact that you will be moving in with a pet a secret. This could cost you your long-let apartment in Malta or Gozo. Be honest with your estate agent and your possible landlord about your furry best friend from the start. This will help form a trusting relationship and make your time living there more bearable and you’ll also avoid the awkward encounter when trying to take your pup for a walk.



Get it in writing

Check with your real estate agent whether the proprietor has removed the ‘no Pets’ article in the contract. Agreeing only verbally may cause problems for you in the future, so be sure to get it in writing.

If you’re feeling lonely during this difficult time think about those adorable pups looking for a home. The ASPCA and AAA have many ready to find a new family.

https://www.maltaspca.org/ https://aaamalta.com/

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