Record Performance at QuickLets

Record Performance at QuickLets

The beginning of the new year saw QuickLets consolidate its position as market leader in the letting industry. January of this year proved to be a record-breaking month in terms on number of residential contracts being negotiated by the letting specialists of the home-grown brand QuickLets. A similar performance was achieved in the commercial letting arena, which is now being managed under a new brand, QLC.

The recent shifts in the macro-economic environment, specifically the fluctuation in rental prices driven by changes in demand, offered an additional opportunity for Malta’s largest real estate group to provide gear up to the challenge and be there for its customers who required to move or find a new property for rent.

The team at QuickLets today surpasses the three-hundred mark. The group has seen a substantial increase in letting specialists over the last six months, providing customers additional resources to service their needs more efficiently. More letting specialists also meant more listings. In fact, January wasn’t just a record-breaking month in terms of contracts negotiated, but also saw the lettings giant reach an important milestone. As their website proudly displays, over the last seven years of operations, the letting agency secured 50,000 plus listings providing a platform for homeowners to feature their property and an array of options for property seekers to choose from.

Apart from having already a large number of its property specialists already accredited as estate agents, by achieving their certification at an MQF Level 5, another group of 96 are currently attending the course to fulfil the requirements of the nation Real Estate Agent Licence application.

Excited about the year ahead, Abigail Simiana, Brand Manager at QuickLets, comments “we have achieved consistent growth year on year. Wherever there are challenges, we see opportunity. With a start like this, our team feels geared up to offer more clients our services and match them with the right property.”