A career as a Letting Specialist

16-02-2015 - By: Luke Xuereb

The real estate business in Malta is forever growing mainly because of foreigners migrating here for employment or studies  as well as falling in love with our little rock’s climate ,history and culture.

The difference between a letting agent and a letting specialist is that the latter appreciates that the client’s needs and time are important. Respecting this and going the extra mile for your client, is tantamount to a successful ending for both client and landlord.

Of Paramount importance in finalizing a contract is the relationship which develops between the three parties with the final outcome resulting in a fair deal for all. In order for this to be achieved the specialist needs to clearly define what his/her client’s priorities are with regards to the property they require, bearing in mind the clients requests, lifestyle, income and realistic budget. The worst situation that can occur is when one party feels done in or that his/her expectations have not been met.

Another key aspect in being a successful Letting Specialist is finding the delicate balance between pleasing both parties without either feeling pressured into any arrangement that  they are not happy with,  just  for the sake of closing a deal. These cases generally lead to unhappy endings for all, which in turn may give bad publicity to the company. 

At Quicklets we take pride in being different in the way we approach things. We are always coming up with innovative ideas such as our Virtual Agent concept. (Please click link to watch video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNlazpyKRjU  ,to register click link http://www.quicklets.com.mt/quicklets-virtual-agent  ) This new concept enables anybody to make quick cash online, from home by sending us, via the above link, any property contact numbers they may have come across or got to know of, even by word of mouth.

Being a Letting Specialist at Quicklets Malta has given me a chance to be creative and versatile in this line of work by attracting prospective clients through social media and my outgoing personality. Taking a personal interest in the transition the client has to make after finding them the perfect place for their new home away from home , is the cherry on the cake…. Yet another satisfied client!   The real estate business has taken off on this beautiful island of ours and it is only going to expand over the coming years.