10 Reasons why you should list your Rental Property with QuickLets

10 Reasons why you should list your Rental Property with QuickLets

Renting out your property in Malta may initially seem like a simple, straightforward affair. You snap a few pictures with your phone, pop them on social media and then hope that a trustworthy tenant finds the advertisement, contacts you and a long hassle free relationship begins. In most cases this simply doesn’t happen and today we’re going to look at 10 reasons why listing your property with QuickLets could be hugely beneficial to you!

Save time, hassle, stress & rent your property quickly
It can be incredibly time consuming finding the right tenant and being able to rent your property in Malta quickly can become stressful, especially if you work full time. You can expect to spend a vast amount of time on the phone, replying to emails and messages, checking references, arranging viewings at a time that’s suitable for everyone all whilst trying to remain professional and manage your day to day life. This can become overwhelming and hard to manage. When you list your rental property with QuickLets you’ll be freeing up a lot of your time allowing you to continue life hassle free, safe in the knowledge that one of our 299 professional agents are doing all of the above and finding you your ideal tenant.

Marketing your property 
You don’t have to be an Internet genius to rent your property online. But you do need to have basic knowledge of marketing if going it alone, especially if you expect to rent your property fast in Malta. Our QuickLets agents can arrange professional quality photos that will see many more tenants attracted to your property. They’ll show it in its best light and use targeted marketing to ensure you attract the right tenant for you and rent your property quickly. What’s more, our agents are well versed in writing attractive but to the point descriptions so you don’t have to be a photographer or a wordsmith!

Remaining within the law is vital when renting your property in Malta otherwise it could cost you dearly!
Legal mumbo jumbo 

The Maltese laws surrounding rental properties are constantly changing and staying up to date can be a headache! At QuickLets we can steer both yourself and your new tenant through the process of ensuring you meet all legal requirements, rent your property in Malta fast and remain within the law.

Lots of viewings
Arranging viewings at a time that suits everyone can be time consuming and difficult. Our professional QuickLets agents will do this on your behalf, saving you a lot of time and effort. Forget trying to coordinate everyone’s diaries or managing a cancellation. 
Endless Calls
Let’s face it, life is busy enough without endless calls and interruptions. By using the services of our professional QuickLets agents, you can continue about your day without constantly having your phone attached to your ear allowing you to rent your property fast whilst remaining undisturbed.

Understanding the rental property market in Malta is key to renting your property quickly

 Knowledge of the property market
Photo by Anastasiia Balandina on Unsplash

Knowledge of the property market is key in ensuring you get the best price for your property. Many people make the mistake of listing their property for too expensive, meaning there’s less chance of finding a tenant. Conversely, lack of knowledge could you’re your asking price is too low  for your property meaning you rent your property quickly but lose out on precious rental income. Our experienced team of QuickLets agents understand the market and correct value for your property ensuring you get the true market value in rental income. 

It’s highly important that when dealing with potential tenants that a high standard of professionalism is used. All of our QuickLets agents are fully trained ensuring that the highest level of professionalism is attained throughout the entire process making it even more likely that you’ll rent your property quickly with minimal fuss.

Peace of mind

It’s not always easy to hand over the keys to your property and can be a worry for many reasons. By renting your property through QuickLets you can rest easy knowing that we have your best interest at heart and have all the framework in place to ensure you and your property remains protected throughout the tenancy.  
A trustworthy name in Maltese real estate 
QuickLets is one of the top letting agents in Malta, as such you know we take our job very seriously, never cut corners and aim to rent your property out quickly to the right tenant. When relying on an agency to rent out your property it’s important to use someone you trust. We don’t have any hidden admin or other fees, just one small fee that saves you a lot of time and effort. 
Full property management 
Need more than just an agent? Here at QuickLets we also offer a full property management option suited to your needs. If you live abroad or simply want someone else to take full care of the rental process and management of the property itself, we can provide everything from cleaning services, reports on the property and furniture right down to dealing with your insurance and bills meaning you can rest easy, gain that rental income and leave the hard work to us! Contact one of our QuickLets branches across the Maltese Islands to check one more thing off your to do list!

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