The QuickLets Head of Letting and Brand Manager will teach you how it’s done

The QuickLets Head of Letting and Brand Manager will teach you how it’s done

When it comes to experts in the Malta real estate market, you won’t find a better dynamic duo.

With a combination of over 30 years experience in Maltese real estate, a more professional and successful pairing is hard to find. The new year saw the dawn of a new era in real estate as Edward Agius and Marc Zammit Lupi stepped into the roles of Head of Letting and Brand Manager respectively. 

As a team, they share the task of overseeing staff and operations of the QuickLets brand, a cause for great excitement throughout the wider business, knowing what they will bring to the table.  

Manage the team to manage the dream 

A captain is only as good as their crew, and with this in mind, supporting the franchise owners, managers, and indeed the entire staff are part and parcel of the daily tasks for the duo. Fostering a team mentality helps drive everyone towards sharing their ambition, and working towards reaching, and in most cases, exceeding company goals. With over 30 branches and more than 500 specialists across the QLZH group, there is lots of work to be done, but operating together it seems nothing is insurmountable for these two. 

“Through this new set up in management we have already seen a significant improvement in the Group and the agent's performance and we plan to continue working hard towards having a positive impact on the market,” says Marc Zammit Lupi. 

Personally visiting each of the dozens of branches and meeting the agents and managers affords an opportunity to keep their finger on the pulse, all whilst sharing experiences, expertise and knowledge to help people on their real estate journey. 

Renting property in Malta is easy when you are working with the right team

Leading by example 

With a brand that is recognized across the Maltese Islands, setting and maintaining standards is critical to the group's success. For this reason, you will often find both Marc and Edward immersed in the tailored, in-house training at the QLZH Academy. Offering their insights, providing guidance, and shaping the agents of the future by giving them the necessary tools and training to make an impact through their work. This is what drives QLZH at its core, and there are few better people better suited to steering the ship. 

The Maltese real estate landscape is extensive and ever-growing. As the largest letting team across the islands, the pressure to expand even further has been well received by Marc and Edward. Now with offices in Cyprus, and constantly scanning the horizon for new opportunities, it is clear that these are the guys to take QuickLets to the next level. Already capturing both sales and rental markets across the QLZH group portfolio, they really are the one-stop shop for all of your property needs.  

Fostering and growing new talent along with putting the customer first has remained at the forefront of how Marc and Edward operate. So if you are interested in joining the team, or have any property queries, call Edward on +356 9942 5088 or Marc on +356 7976 8696 , e-mail Ed at [email protected] and Marc at [email protected] .

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