QuickLets Success Stories : Jon Licari and Ben Zammit Tabona

QuickLets Success Stories : Jon Licari and Ben Zammit Tabona

QuickLets and Zanzi Homes are proud to recognize the success of two of their franchise owners, Jon Licari and Ben Zammit Tabona, who own four QLZH offices in Malta.

Since opening their first office in Mriehel in 2018, Jon and Ben have built a thriving business with a reputation for exceptional customer service, professionalism, and a deep commitment to their clients. Their hard work and dedication have paid off, and they now have a team of skilled Specialists who share their passion for providing the best real estate services in the industry.

Their offices, located in Mriehel, Kappara, Swieqi, and a brand new one in the Sliema seafront, serve clients across the region. With their in-depth knowledge of the local market and a customer-centric approach, Ben and Jon, together with their Team of Office managers, Miodrag Milojevic (Mriehel Office), Elena Dimpizeva (Kappara), Rudy Cassar (Swieqi) and Jamie Bezzina (Sliema, Exiles), consistently working hard to reach their daily goals whilst also exceeding their clients' expectations.

"We are delighted to celebrate last year’s success of Mriehel office, managed by Office Manager Miodrag, which placed second last year amongst all QuickLets offices” said Steve Mercieca, QuickLets and Zanzi Homes CEO and co-founder. "Their commitment to excellence and dedication are an inspiration to us all. We are proud to have them as part of the QuickLets and Zanzi Homes family, and we look forward to seeing them continue to grow and succeed with their additional office in Sliema.”

We have interviewed Jon and Ben to get to know more about their achievements and success story. 

1. How did you decide to invest in 4 real estate office franchises, and what attracted you to QuickLets?

Our decision to open four offices didn't come about in a single moment of inspiration. Initially, we had planned on opening just one office. However, as we got to work alongside highly motivated and skilled specialists, we found ourselves fortunate to have the chance to expand our operations and provide opportunities for growth to those around us.

We were struck by the drive and ambition of our people, and we knew that they were more than capable of tackling new challenges and helping us build and oversee additional offices. As a result, we made the decision to take on this ambitious goal together.

From the outset, we were drawn to the office’s fast-paced culture and its unwavering focus on getting things done. We could see that performance was highly valued and that there was a clear path for recognition and advancement. This made us even more determined to work hard and contribute to the company's growth, knowing that our efforts would be rewarded.

2. What strategies or best practices have you found most successful in building and managing your teams in all 4 offices?

We prioritize keeping a close eye on all of our offices, making sure that each office is operating smoothly and efficiently. To achieve this, we make daily visits to all our locations. By doing so, we seize every chance to improve our operations and take action to address any potential issues before they escalate.

We understand that even small issues can quickly snowball into larger problems if left unaddressed. Therefore, our team is committed to being proactive and staying on top of any challenges that may arise.

Our managers also take a similar approach with our specialists, who play a crucial role in our success. To keep our specialists aligned and focused on our goals, our managers hold weekly all-hands meetings to discuss the current market conditions and to identify and troubleshoot any common issues the team may be facing.

Through these regular check-ins, we ensure that everyone is on the same page and that any problems are addressed in a timely manner. This helps us to maintain our high standards and continue to provide exceptional service to our customers.

3. How long did it take for your office to break even and start generating profits?

Our growth was a result of careful financial planning and strategic spending. We were always mindful of our expenses and made sure to grow the business organically, reinvesting our profits back into the company.

During the early days, we took a hands-on approach to managing our finances. I remember going to pick up commissions and then immediately using the same envelope to pay for desks in the office. It was a lean period, but we were determined to build the business step by step.

Rather than relying on external funding or taking on excessive debt, we focused on generating revenue and managing our expenses efficiently. We took calculated risks and made smart investments, which helped us to scale up while maintaining a solid financial footing.

By staying disciplined and prudent with our spending, we were able to grow the business at a sustainable pace. We are proud of the fact that we achieved success through hard work, sound financial management, and a commitment to providing outstanding service to our customers.

4. What strategies or tactics have you found effective in staying ahead in a competitive market?

The key to success is not some elusive, magical formula. Rather, it comes down to a simple but powerful concept: consistency. To achieve sustained success in any field, you must stay focused, driven, and always striving to improve.

In today's fast-paced and competitive business world, you can never let your guard down. If you take your eye off the ball even for a moment, there will always be someone waiting to take your place. This is why it is essential to maintain a consistent level of performance, always pushing yourself to go above and beyond what is expected.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, an athlete, or an artist, success requires unwavering dedication and a commitment to excellence. It is about showing up every day, doing the work, and constantly seeking to improve.

At our offices, we understand the importance of consistency, and we strive to maintain a high standard of performance across all areas of our business. We know that our customers expect the best, and we are committed to delivering it every single day.

5. What are the future growth prospects and opportunities for your real estate office as a franchisee, and how does the franchise support your long-term business goals and aspirations?

We know that in order to stay ahead of the curve and maintain our competitive edge, we must be agile and adaptive to changing market conditions. This means that we are always on the lookout for new opportunities, whether it's in rentals or sales.

In addition, we are dedicated to developing and nurturing our current teams to ensure that they have the skills and resources they need to succeed. We invest heavily in our people, providing them with training, mentorship, and other resources to help them reach their full potential.

But we also recognize that to achieve our ambitious growth targets, we need to build new teams and bring in fresh talent. That's why we are always actively seeking out talented individuals who can help us take our business to the next level.

Our commitment to seeking out new opportunities and developing our talent sets us apart from our competitors, and it is a key factor in our ongoing success. We are excited about the future and look forward to continuing to grow and evolve as a company.

6. What advice would you give to someone interested in owning a real estate office franchise, based on your experience as a franchisee? What are the key factors for success in this industry, and how has the franchise helped you achieve them?

We believe that the team always comes first. As Richard Branson famously said, "Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your people, they will take care of your clients." We know that by putting our team members' needs first, we can create a positive and productive work environment that fosters excellence.

We also understand that in order to provide our clients with the highest level of service, we must invest in the ongoing training and development of our Specialists. This is why we created the QLZH Academy, which provides our team members with the knowledge and skills they need to excel in their roles.

By prioritizing the needs of our team members and investing in their growth and development, we are able to provide our clients with exceptional service and build lasting relationships based on trust and mutual respect.

The franchises back office team has also been a huge help at every step, and definitely makes our lives a lot easier as franchise owners. 

7. Can you highlight any unique features or services that QLZH offers to customers, and how it differentiates itself from other competitors in the market?

At QuickLets and Zanzi Homes, the culture is uniquely suited to the fast-paced rental market in Malta. Our dynamic and energetic team is always up for a challenge, and our innovative approach to real estate sets us apart from the competition. With a diverse and inclusive culture, we are able to attract top talent from all backgrounds, ensuring that we are always ahead of the curve.

8. Can you share any success stories or key highlights throughout your career with QLZH as franchise owners?

At our company, we believe that every milestone is significant and should be celebrated, whether it's our first rental, sale, or opening a new office. Each milestone represents a critical step forward in our journey and brings us closer to achieving our goals. By recognizing and celebrating each achievement along the way, we stay motivated and inspired to keep pushing forward towards even greater success.

Both Franchise Owners, Ben and Jon, attribute their success to their unwavering focus on providing exceptional customer service, and hiring the best Specialists. They are grateful to their clients for their trust and support and look forward to continuing to serve them in the years to come.

Visit www.zanzihomes.com/franchise-inquiry, if you are interested to open your own Franchise office with QuickLets (ql.mt) and Zanzi Homes (zh.mt)

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