Short Lets vs Long-term Lets in Malta – Quicklets

Short Lets vs Long-term Lets in Malta – Quicklets


Look up rental listings and you’ll find this division everywhere: short lets vs long-term. We take a look at why 

people choose either one of them in Malta.

Short Lets vs Long-term Lets in Malta

The first question that pops to mind when talking about letting in Malta is: short let—defined as less 

than 6 months or less than 1 year depending on the agency—or long-term? 

For most people asking themselves that question the answer is a forgone conclusion. They will know 

intuitively which one makes most sense for them.

Your lifestyle and life situations play an important role in deciding between these two types of leases 

and while the reasons will vary for every individual, we’ve isolated the most common ones that drive 

tenants to choose one or the other. 

We’ll take a look at the motives that are likely to make people go for short lets first, and then 

examine the motives of those who take a longer term approach…

Short Lets

Although many people think short lets are only for tourists visiting Malta on holiday, there are other 

reasons why this type of lease is the perfect match for certain lifestyles and life situations:

As local as it gets

Okay, so we’ll talk about why tourists go for short lets first. Rather than being cooped up in a hotel 

room, renting out a place throws you in the deep end and lets you enjoy full immersion in the local 

community, opening up a whole other dimension to your travels. It often works out cheaper than 

hotels as well, particularly if you’ve been visiting the country frequently and know the owner well.

For when you’re “in between houses”

If you’ve just sold your old house, chances are your new home won’t be available for you to move 

into right away. Paperwork and other issues normally prevent things from going so smoothly, and 

whilst many would consider staying with friends and family, in some case renting a place to serve as 

a “transitional home” would the best option available.

A smarter choice for interns and visiting students

While renting is a better option for students who come to Malta to study for a full academic year (9 

months) or indeed decide to read for their entire degree here long term, those students who are 

here for a single semester only or a specialised course are better of looking at short lets. The same 

argument applies for interns who are on a short-term employment contract as part of their studies 

and won’t be spending more than a couple of months on the island.

Free to live the nomad life

Thanks to the internet, people can work and manage their studies or business completely online. 

This opens up opportunities for so-called digital nomads who travel around the world, spending 

three or four months in one country or city before moving to the next. All the time they’re 

connected to their homes and offices via the web. These people are excellent candidates for short-

term letting because it’s more flexible and gives them the mobility they love so much.

The flip side of short-term letting is, naturally, long-term lets. These tend to be more popular among 

locals and people who plan on sticking around a single place for an extended period of time. 

Long-term Lets

Here are the most common reasons why people choose to lease property on a long-term basis in 


Striking out on your own

Most young people who move out from their family homes to start living independently either 

cannot afford to pay for their own home or even get a loan for one. Living in a rented place is a 

cheaper alternative, as well as a profound teaching experience for young people who have just left 

the nest.

A sound alternative to home ownership

Renting can work out better than home ownership in certain cases. If loan payments are less than 

the monthly rent then it’s a no-brainer, however some people may also take in consideration the 

fact that in a rented place they don’t have to worry about furnishing and maintenance costs.

For people whose dreams will take them places

Do you really imagine yourself living in the same house for the next 40 to 60 years, or until you 

retire? Times change and younger generations are less inclined to stay in one place for their whole 

lives. Whether the reason is to further their studies, find better work opportunities, or just the 

irresistible call for adventure: more young people are choosing rent over ownership in order to have 

the flexibility to follow their dreams wherever they’ll take them.

Which letting type fits your lifestyle?

We’ve listed the top motives that drive people to choose between renting a place for a just short 

while or adopt it as their temporary home for a longer time. Did any of these reasons come as a 

surprise to you? What would be the deciding factor for you when choosing between signing a short 

or long-term lease?

INSIDER TIP: Not sure which letting type best suits your needs? Ask around. There are dozens of 

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