QuickLets Expands its Reach in Sliema with the Launch of a New Office

QuickLets Expands its Reach in Sliema with the Launch of a New Office

The launch of the new office in Depiro Street, Sliema, by Jean Calleja, Verko Nikolic, and Regis Kilesse, is a significant milestone for the franchise owners and the QuickLets brand. The addition of this new office to the QuickLets network will increase the company’s reach and capacity to serve clients, cementing its position as a leading real estate brand in Malta.

In an exclusive interview, Jean Calleja, who is already a franchise owner at QuickLets and Zanzi Homes LXL at Ibragg, shared insights into the decision to open a new office in Depiro Street, Sliema. He highlighted the strategic location of the new office, which is in the heart of Sliema, close to the seafront and surrounded by luxury blocks, as a key factor in the decision-making process.

Jean also spoke about the team's extensive experience in the real estate industry, their commitment to excellence, and their desire to provide exceptional service to clients, all of which have been instrumental in the success of Jean’s existing other franchise office.

1. What motivated you to expand your franchise and open a second office? 

Regis Kilesse, a remarkable addition to Depiro's team, has consistently proved his mettle since joining the organization last year. His exemplary performance and outstanding contribution to the company and office led him to clinch the Best Newcomer title among all QuickLets Specialists. Regis' ambition, intellect, and unwavering dedication to his work have made him a valuable asset to the company.

It was not long before Regis approached me, expressing his interest in opening a new office. Recognizing his potential and his invaluable contribution to the company's success, Verko Nikolic (co-franchise owner of the new office), and myself were quick to seize the opportunity to expand our reach and reputation by partnering with Regis to open a new office.

Regis' proposal was an excellent opportunity for the new Depiro office to capitalize on his experience and industry knowledge whilst also expanding its market presence. The decision to partner with Regis was a testament to our company's willingness to invest in and support the growth and development of its specialists. As a result, the new QuickLets Office in Depiro Street is now poised to achieve even greater success under Regis' leadership, and the future looks brighter than ever for this dynamic and fast-growing company.

2. What criteria did you use to select the location for your second office?

Depiro Point in Depiro Street is strategically located in the heart of Sliema. The area is known for its bustling atmosphere, making it the perfect place for businesses to thrive.

What makes Depiro Point even more appealing is the absence of any real estate offices in the vicinity, providing an excellent opportunity for the company to establish a competitive edge and cater to a growing market demand.

Additionally, the area boasts an abundance of luxury blocks, which presents an excellent opportunity for the company to tap into the high-end market. The high footfall of potential customers passing by the office due to its proximity to the seafront makes it an ideal location for businesses looking to maximize their visibility and attract new clients.

In summary, Depiro Point's location in the heart of Sliema, absence of competing real estate offices, high-end market potential, and ample passing trade make it a highly coveted spot for businesses looking to establish a strong presence and tap into the region's burgeoning real estate market.

3. What qualities were you looking for in a manager to oversee the new office?

We were looking for someone who is not only an exceptional team player but also a successful leader with a great personality that inspires and motivates those around him, and Regis had all of it. He has a natural charisma that makes him a pleasure to work with, and his unwavering determination and commitment to his work are second to none.

His ambition and drive to succeed are evident in his work ethic and the results he produces. Regis is a true hard worker who consistently goes above and beyond to achieve his goals, setting the standard for excellence and pushing his team to do the same.

As a team leader, Regis has a talent for bringing out the best in his colleagues, building strong relationships based on mutual respect and trust. He leads by example, always setting high standards and challenging his team to exceed them. His leadership style is one that empowers his team to take ownership of their work and fosters a culture of collaboration, communication, and creativity.

Overall, Regis embodies the qualities of a successful team player and leader, possessing a combination of talent, drive, charisma, and commitment that make him a true asset to any organization. With his exceptional work ethic and unwavering determination, there is no doubt that Regis will continue to achieve great things in his new career.

4. What do you think will be the biggest challenge in managing a second office?

It's not just confidence that makes us feel like there won't be a big challenge – it's the wealth of experience, knowledge, and support that our team has at its disposal. With Regis as the manager, Verko overseeing the letting aspect, and myself, Jean managing the admin and marketing, we have a team with a diverse range of skills and expertise that is well-equipped to tackle any obstacle that comes their way.

What's more, the office's close proximity to our other QuickLets and Zanzi Homes LXL Office at Ibragg, means that any problems that arise can be dealt with swiftly and efficiently, with the team able to respond in a short time. The team's ability to correspond via email, WhatsApp, phone calls, and other means of communication ensures that everyone is always on the same page and can quickly address any issues that arise.

This level of coordination and support is essential to the success of any business, and it is clear that our team has all the necessary tools, technology, resources and other support to achieve great things, which we always get easily from QLZH Head Office. With a clear vision, a strong team, and a commitment to excellence, there is no doubt that our new office will be a resounding success, setting the standard for excellence and innovation in the real estate industry.

5. How do you plan to measure the success of the new office?

Our team's business plan is a testament to our foresight and strategic thinking. By setting clear targets and milestones, we have created a roadmap for success that allows us to track progress, identify areas for improvement, and pivot if necessary.

The fact that we have built in the flexibility to upgrade to a sales department, QLC department, or even another Letting office, depending on the targets reached, demonstrates our team's agility and willingness to adapt to changing market conditions.

Moreover, the fact that Depiro Point has other offices presents a unique opportunity for our team to expand and grow, leveraging the expertise and resources of the wider organization to achieve even greater success.

With our team's talent, experience, and commitment to excellence, there is no doubt that we will achieve our targets and exceed expectations, setting a new standard for excellence in the real estate industry. By leveraging the potential for expansion and growth offered by Depiro Point's location and resources, our team is poised for great things, and I have no doubt that we will achieve them.

6. How will you differentiate the new office from the first one?

We believe that differentiating the two offices under different managers with different styles while maintaining the same direction and mission is a smart move by our team. It allows each office to carve out its own unique identity while still adhering to the overall vision and goals of the organization.

Learning from past mistakes and taking proactive measures to avoid making them in the future is a hallmark of a successful team. By applying the lessons learned from previous experiences, our team can make informed decisions and take calculated risks, resulting in greater efficiency and improved outcomes.

Culturally, maintaining consistency across both offices is important for fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose. This consistency can be achieved through a shared set of values, practices, and traditions, creating a cohesive organizational culture that aligns with your team's mission and values.

Providing bonuses every month is an excellent way to incentivize and reward specialists for their hard work and dedication. This not only boosts morale but also serves as a tangible expression of appreciation for their efforts, motivating them to continue performing at their best.

Overall, our team's approach to differentiating the two offices while maintaining consistency in culture, learning from past mistakes, and providing bonuses for exceptional performance is a winning strategy that will help us achieve our goals and excel in the real estate industry.

In conclusion, the launch of the new office in Depiro Street, Sliema, represents an exciting new chapter for the QuickLets brand, and we look forward to seeing the franchise owners' continued success and growth in the real estate industry. Anyone interested in joining the new Letting team in Sliema, kindly contact Regis on +356 79677799 . Visit ql.mt for more info about the largest Letting Agency on the island, QuickLets. 

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