Rising through the Ranks: From Letting Specialist to Letting Manager to Franchise Ownership at QuickLets

Rising through the Ranks: From Letting Specialist to Letting Manager to Franchise Ownership at QuickLets

QuickLets, a prominent real estate agency, celebrates the extraordinary journey of Miodrag Milojevic, who joined the Mriehel branch as a Letting Specialist in November 2018. In a testament to his drive and ambition, Miodrag seized an opportunity to apply for the position of Letting Manager when it became available shortly after.

Fortunate enough to have owners who recognized his exceptional motivation and determination, Miodrag was entrusted with the role of Letting Manager. Since June 2019, he has taken charge of the Mriehel letting team, leading by example and actively managing operations with a focus on excellence.

In a remarkable turn of events, January 2021 marked a significant milestone in Miodrag’s career as he achieved yet another accomplishment – becoming a part owner of the same franchise as well as the new branch that was recently opened on the Sliema seafront. This achievement not only reflects Miodrag’s commitment and dedication but also speaks to the trust and belief the QuickLets owners have in his capabilities.

From starting as a Letting Specialist to managing the Mriehel branch and now owning a stake in the franchise, Miodrag’s journey serves as an inspiring example of career growth and success within the QuickLets team. His story underscores the opportunities available within the company for driven individuals seeking to excel in the real estate industry.
In the following interview, Miodrag Milojevic shares his achievements in managing his team and his success story.

What is your approach to managing a team of letting specialists and ensuring their success? How do you foster a positive and motivated work environment within your office?

Unlike many countries where specialists receive a basic salary, the letting specialists in Malta predominantly rely on commission-based earnings, making it a highly competitive and demanding profession. In this dynamic landscape, specialists are compelled to constantly operate at their best, honing their skills and delivering exceptional service to thrive in this results-driven environment.

Recognizing the significance of personal motivation I emphasize that true success stems from an individual's desire to achieve greatness. While managers and owners play a vital role in providing guidance and support, and I firmly believe that the impetus to excel ultimately lies within the individual. As a manager and owner, my primary objective is to assist specialists by offering training, support and mentorship, especially during challenging times or when performance needs improvement. Conversely, I celebrate the successes achieved by my specialists, acknowledging their hard work and dedication.

Fostering a positive and productive work environment is a priority for me and the entire team. Regular team outings, team-building events and general meetings serve as opportunities to discuss current market conditions, exchange property listings, provide mutual assistance and foster a sense of camaraderie within the office. By cultivating a healthy work environment, I ensure that my team members feel supported, motivated, and equipped to deliver exceptional results.

I believe that the unique landscape of the real estate letting industry in Malta provides valuable perspectives and highlights the importance of personal drive, supportive management, and a collaborative work environment. By continually adapting to the specific challenges and opportunities of the market, QuickLets Mriehel will remain at the forefront of the industry, delivering outstanding service and achieving remarkable success. During 2021, Mriehel Branch placed first overall amongst all the QuickLets branches, then placed second best office in 2022. For us, that means a lot and we continue to drive the industry and grow as a team. 

In your opinion, what sets QuickLets apart from other real estate agencies? How does the company's vision align with your personal values and goals?

For me, QuickLets is the unrivaled powerhouse in the real estate sector in Malta that continues to set the standard for excellence. From the unparalleled treatment of specialists to a culture of innovation, QuickLets redefines the industry landscape, empowering its specialists and delivering outstanding results.

I believe that at QuickLets, specialists are not merely employees but valued members of a family. The agency's commitment to treating the specialists with respect and appreciation sets it apart from any other real estate company in Malta. By fostering an inclusive and supportive work environment, QuickLets creates a sense of belonging that motivates specialists to excel in their roles.
Moreover, I have learned that innovation is the lifeblood of QuickLets, ensuring that specialists are equipped with the most advanced tools and technologies. The agency's state-of-the-art database remains ahead of the competition, offering specialists a modern, user-friendly platform to streamline their work and enhance productivity. By staying at the forefront of technology, QuickLets empowers specialists to deliver a seamless and efficient experience to their clients.

During my time I have seen the company grow and foster teamwork, growth, and professional development, QuickLets organizes a wide array of enriching activities. Team building events, workshops, general meetings, guest speakers, motivational sessions, and monthly rewards for top performers are just a glimpse into the myriad opportunities QuickLets provides. This remarkable combination of events creates a rewarding and relaxed atmosphere, where specialists can thrive and grow both personally and professionally.

For me, QuickLets is more than just a real estate company; it is a catalyst for progress and growth. The company not only allows but actively supports individuals who aspire to reach new heights in their careers. QuickLets nurtures ambition and provides the tools and resources needed for specialists to succeed. With a focus on individual development, QuickLets paves the way for specialists to progress, innovate, and carve out their own path to success.

Joining QuickLets means becoming part of a dynamic, forward-thinking organization that propels individuals towards their goals. It is a company that values its specialists, embraces innovation, and fosters a culture of continuous improvement. With QuickLets, the sky is the limit, and the opportunity to thrive and excel is within reach for all who possess the desire to succeed.

Can you provide examples of how you have successfully transformed challenging or underperforming properties into desirable rental opportunities? What strategies did you employ to attract quality tenants and maximize rental income?

Malta's real estate market presents a unique challenge where many properties suffer from inadequate furnishing and maintenance, directly impacting the rental prices landlords can command. In this scenario, QuickLets specialists step in as trusted advisors, guiding landlords on the necessary steps to improve their properties and achieve the desired rental income. By providing honest assessments and practical recommendations, QuickLets specialists prioritize the long-term success of both landlords and tenants.

Malta is home to numerous properties that are either poorly furnished or lacking essential maintenance, which can significantly diminish their rental value. Some landlords may attempt to increase prices without adequately addressing these shortcomings, resulting in limited interest from potential tenants. It is at this crucial juncture that QuickLets specialists assume a pivotal role, bridging the gap between market conditions and property improvements.

The guiding principle for QuickLets specialists is to act with transparency and integrity. Rather than succumbing to the temptation of securing a listing by agreeing to higher rental prices, QuickLets specialists prioritize the best interests of both landlords and tenants. By providing honest estimations of rental values based on property conditions, specialists enable landlords to make informed decisions that yield positive outcomes.

Numerous cases have highlighted the significance of property enhancements in maximizing rental potential. A simple paint job, the addition of stylish curtains, tasteful decor, or the inclusion of modern furniture pieces can significantly impact the rental amount landlords can achieve. Basic maintenance tasks like upgrading to energy-efficient LED bulbs can also make a noticeable difference. QuickLets specialists ensure that landlords are aware of these cost-effective measures, empowering them to attract quality tenants and secure their desired rental income.
QuickLets specialists firmly believe that their role extends beyond property transactions; they strive to build long-term relationships with landlords based on trust and mutual success. By providing guidance and recommendations, QuickLets specialists help landlords transform their properties into appealing and desirable rental options, ultimately benefiting both landlords and tenants.

In a market where property conditions can significantly affect rental prices, QuickLets stands out as a beacon of integrity and professionalism. Their commitment to honesty, transparency, and providing valuable advice sets them apart. Through their dedicated efforts, QuickLets specialists elevate the real estate market in Malta, ensuring landlords receive fair rental returns while providing tenants with well-maintained and attractive living spaces.

How do you stay updated on the latest market trends and rental regulations in your area? How do you ensure that your team remains knowledgeable and adaptable in a dynamic real estate landscape?

Within the QuickLets franchise, the fortunate collaboration between franchise owners, managers and the esteemed head office administrators led by Steve Mercieca paves the way for unparalleled success. QuickLets specialists reap the benefits of a robust support system that keeps them well-informed about the latest legislations and market trends, ensuring they stay ahead of the curve. Through regular meetings, informative briefings, and comprehensive monthly reports, QuickLets ensures its specialists are equipped with the knowledge and resources to excel in the dynamic real estate landscape.

Operating under the QuickLets franchise is truly a stroke of luck, as the franchise's leadership recognizes the significance of continuous learning and staying up to date with industry developments. Steve Mercieca, alongside the dedicated head office administrators, consistently goes above and beyond to provide branch owners and managers with the most recent legislations and market trends. This commitment to ongoing education ensures that QuickLets specialists are well-prepared to navigate the ever-evolving real estate world.

Regular meetings serve as platforms for open dialogue and knowledge sharing. Branch owners, managers, and specialists convene to exchange insights, discuss emerging trends, and strategize for success. These gatherings provide invaluable opportunities for specialists to learn from the collective wisdom of their peers and industry leaders, fostering a culture of continuous growth and improvement within the QuickLets community.

Furthermore, QuickLets specialists receive a monthly email containing invaluable market information. This comprehensive report includes the hottest and coldest locations, average rental prices for one, two, and three-bedroom properties, and much more. Armed with this data-driven intelligence, QuickLets specialists can make informed decisions and guide their clients with accuracy and confidence.

QuickLets' commitment to providing timely insights and support stems from a profound belief in the power of knowledge. By equipping specialists with the latest market trends, legislations, and pertinent data, QuickLets enables its specialists to excel in their roles and provide exceptional service to their clients.

The QuickLets franchise stands apart as a beacon of excellence and support in the real estate industry. The dedication of Steve Mercieca, the head office administrators, and the entire QuickLets team ensures that specialists have the necessary tools and information to succeed in a dynamic market. With access to regular meetings, informative briefings, and comprehensive monthly reports, QuickLets specialists are poised to thrive in their pursuit of excellence.

What steps do you take to build strong relationships with property owners and landlords? 

Emphasizing the importance of long-term gains and maintaining excellent service, I believe that instilling a culture of integrity and client satisfaction is key. By prioritizing the happiness and well-being of both property owners and clients, the branch ensures sustainable success, a sterling reputation, and opportunities for growth.

In a market where short-term gains can be tempting, both QuickLets Mriehel and Sliema branches firmly believe that success is built on lasting relationships and exceptional service. Rather than pursuing transactions driven solely by financial gain, the branch's specialists focus on creating win-win scenarios that benefit all parties involved. The philosophy is simple: a forced or rushed deal may yield immediate results but could compromise long-term success.

Providing outstanding service to property owners and clients alike is at the heart of QuickLets' approach. The branch's specialists go above and beyond to ensure that both parties are fully informed and satisfied with the conditions and terms of the deal. Before any deposit is made or contract signed, meticulous attention is given to transparently communicating all aspects of the agreement. This commitment to clarity and open communication establishes trust and fosters positive relationships.

By prioritizing client satisfaction, QuickLets Mriehel and Sliema Branch cultivate the pillars of success: repeated business, referrals, and networking opportunities. Satisfied clients become loyal advocates, recommending the branch to their acquaintances and expanding its network organically. This commitment to fostering long-term relationships and prioritizing client needs not only ensures a strong reputation but also creates a foundation for sustained growth and prosperity.

We understand that financial gains derived from a single transaction pale in comparison to the benefits of long-term client relationships. Our dedication to excellence, transparency, and integrity sets both branches apart in the real estate landscape. By consistently delivering exceptional service and prioritizing client satisfaction, the branch forges a path towards continued success and a legacy of trust.

Can you share your vision for the future of your QuickLets office? What strategies or initiatives do you plan to implement to further enhance the quality of service and expand the office's presence in the market?

As the Letting Manager of QuickLets Mriehel and part-owner of both QuickLets Mriehel and Sliema branches, I believe that I have experienced tremendous success, positioning the branches as major players in Malta's real estate industry. With a track record of achievements, we are now preparing to embark on an exciting venture by opening a third franchise within the QuickLets network. The resounding success of the existing branches and the support of the QuickLets franchise create a welcoming and empowering environment for growth.

QuickLets Mriehel and Sliema branches have carved a niche in the competitive market, attributing their accomplishments to a winning formula. The branches prioritize the comprehensive training and development of their specialists, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary for success. However, the support doesn't end with training. We work on providing ongoing guidance, mentorship, and support to specialists, recognizing the devotion and sacrifices required to excel in this demanding industry.

A key aspect of QuickLets' ethos is the respect and understanding shown towards their specialists. Recognizing the challenges and dedication required for success, the branches foster an environment that values and supports their specialists at all times. This commitment to their team's well-being and professional growth creates a strong foundation for success and fosters a positive and collaborative work environment.

With a winning formula in place, we have achieved remarkable results. Through our unwavering commitment to excellence, the branches have established themselves as industry leaders, capturing a significant market share and achieving remarkable growth.

Building on this success, we are preparing for the next phase of expansion. The decision to open a third franchise within the QuickLets network is a testament to the confidence in our business model and the support that we receive as part of the QuickLets family. The welcoming and supportive nature of the franchise makes growth and expansion a seamless and exciting endeavor.

Those interested in joining our team at Mriehel or Sliema Branch may contact Miodrag Milojevic on +356 9950 9541. Visit ql.mt for more information about QuickLets.

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