The Beauty of Island Life!

The Beauty of Island Life!

The Beauty of Island Life


When you think about the beauty of island life in the Mediterranean there are a few things that immediately spring to mind: sun, sand and sea. Wouldn’t we all love to live a stone’s throw away from the stunning turquoise waters of the Mediterranean? Or enjoy sunshine almost every day of the year? The life offered on these sunny shores is as tranquil and relaxed as it sounds.


Nevertheless, we would do Malta a disservice to suggest that the only things it has to offer are by virtue of its climate and location. Malta has it’s own unique character, which is embodied in the Maltese people. Warm and open, the Maltese have a laid back attitude to life which pervades the atmosphere of the island.


On a typical day in Malta it would not be unusual to see the local Maltese men and women starting the day with a swim. The sea around this stunning island is warm for three quarters of the year and in the summer they offer a refreshing way to begin the day under a hot sun. Mind you, it’s still warm enough to swim at the time of writing in October too, so consider it! Malta has many beaches all around the coast of the island, including the popular family destination, Mellie?a Bay, which is located on the Northern coast. However, for the majority of locals, the nearest harbor or bay will do.


Food lies at the heart of all Mediterranean cultures and the Maltese have many gastronomic delicacies to offer; from fresh bread to ricotta filled ravioli the Maltese palate is diverse and multicultural. With many of the fresh ingredients grown on the island and widely available at local markets, there’s no excuse not to dig in and try your hand at creating a traditional Mediterranean dish.


Considering the laid back atmosphere of the island, it comes as no surprise that Malta has more public holidays than anywhere else in the EU. This is as a result of the vast number of religious festivals, or festas, that take place every year. During these times of the year the streets fill with happy holiday-goers and local families alike to watch processions of hardy volunteers carrying statues of saints through the village streets.


On these occasions the Maltese get to showcase some of their finest craftsmanship: fireworks. The firework displays found in Malta are utterly extraordinary and well worth watching if you have never seen one before. Malta is perhaps most unique for its competence in creating freestanding fireworks that do not fire into the air, but which frequently have moving parts and complicated designs.


Let’s not pretend that life on Malta is perfect, there are some things that sunshine and sea can’t help – your factor-10 sun cream is one of them! However, it is true to say that when life on Malta isn’t quiet or relaxed, it’s because the Maltese are having fun!


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Steve Mercieca