Quicklets - Moving homes? Pros and Cons

Quicklets - Moving homes? Pros and Cons

Think its time to make a move? Quicklets weighs up the Pros and Cons.

Moving homes? Pros and Cons

Moving house is an experience that can be bring both sadness and joy, with many people moving due to difficult circumstances as well as for happier motives such as a new job, a new baby or a new boyfriend. Whatever your circumstances, there are both pros and cons to every move. This article outlines some of the best and worst things about moving that can help you to see the brighter side of every situation – so no matter what you’re going through we are here to help!




Moving house is an adventure! It is a time for exciting changes to both your personal life and your working one. It could be that you have already been offered an amazing new job opportunity, or you are moving to a nicer area for the kids. Whatever your reasons, one thing is certain, that with moving comes change, and that with change comes new opportunities – and that is one massive pro.

When you’re moving house there are a couple of things that you should look out for if you want to make the most out of your move: location and size are two prime examples. Perhaps you fancy having a bigger garden – or a bigger living room, maybe you need to be closer to schools for the kids, whatever it is, moving house offers you the chance to change your home for the better.

If you happen to be moving to Malta from another country then you can expect there to be even more changes – not only are you moving house, you are moving to a place where the culture and language may be totally different from your own. Nonetheless, if you are choosing to move to Malta, then we are sure that you have your own reasons to do so; sun, sand, sea and a multicultural cornerstone for businesses and language schools in Europe, Malta is a true gem of the Mediterranean.


No matter what the allure is for moving house there are always a few cons that can get in the way, from stress to money problems here is our best advice on how to deal with them.

The financial cost of moving is always the biggest obstacle – the cancellation fees for utilities and the Internet, the cost of hiring a van and a driver, whether you can afford to move abroad or not – all these things are liable to keep you lying awake wondering how and when you’re going to pay for them all.

The best thing that you can do is assign yourself a budget right at the beginning of the moving process. If you have savings take these into account – but always leave a little money spare in case anything goes wrong in the whole process. Nothing can save you from the financial stress entirely, but by making a budget and having a plan, you’ll be sure to go into the move feeling far more comfortable in your abilities to handle it.


Moving house is an exciting time with many opportunities afforded to you from a change of location. If you’re moving house now’s the time to chuck out the old and make room for the new, and take advantage of all the possibilities!


Insiders tip: stay in touch with your old friends and family using Skype - they’re just a phone call away!

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Steve Mercieca