Apartment Block Living Etiquette

Apartment Block Living Etiquette

Quicklets knows that living in an apartment block is a whole other world to living in your own house. Everything comes with responsibilities, so here are a few rules of etiquette which make it easier to co-exist in tight spaces with complete strangers.

Apartment Block Living Etiquette

If you've ever lived in a non-penthouse apartment, you would be all too familiar with the thumping above your head, the heel-clicking and door-slamming. Not to mention you end up eavesdropping on passionate arguments or hearing sounds you just do not want to hear. This means you should be sympathetic to others living besides or below you and show them the same courtesy you would like to receive yourself. 



Rule #1: Be considerate of the noise level inside and outside the apartment. 

Be soft-spoken, whisper if needs be, and avoid stomping, especially in stairwells. Be aware of the time - not everyone works 9 to 5. Loud laughter and conversations are annoying for people desperately trying to sleep or relax.

Avoid heavy-duty shoes, especially on wooden floors - the echoes are ridiculously loud. And heels (with their awful clicking), can be put on and taken off at the door. Soft footwear makes less noise, so invest in slippers or running shoes.

Close doors gently behind you and don't just let them slam shut by themselves. 

Watch TV, listen to music and play games to your heart's content, but keep the volume down or use headphones. Use vacuum cleaners and loud machines late on weekends or when people are at work. 

Use carpets or rugs to muffle down the sounds

Alarm clocks. My heart goes out to you if you need to wake up at the ungodly hour of 5am, but if your alarm clock is loud enough to wake the whole building, consider a lower volume and for crying out loud don't hit snooze five times.

If you're having guests over, it's your responsibility not to let them get rowdy. Avoid parties on weeknights and remember, legally, noise and music is not allowed in a Maltese residential area after 11pm.  

Rule #2: Smoking

Even if smoking is allowed inside the apartment, make sure that it's completely ventilated. That cigarette smell can stick around and will be a nuisance to other non-smokers. Properly discard cigarette butts in an ashtray or your own trash; don't just fling them out the window or balcony for your downstairs neighbour to sweep up. 

Rule #3: Pets

For apartments that allow pets, remember cats generally make less noise and small dogs are less threatening to neighbours. Keep your pet on a leash when it leaves apartment and bring a plastic bag with you at all times. 

Rule #4: Be nice

Let's be honest, very few people these days actually know their neighbours, especially if you live in a huge building with 50 other tenants. But a smile, hello or simple head nod, anything that acknowledges their existence, goes a long way and makes it easier to interact  in the future should you need to.  

Living in an apartment has a tad more complicated etiquette issues due to the limited space between people. However, a little courtesy can go a long way and make life easier for everybody. Hopefully these easy and simple tips that help you maintain a civil relationship with your fellow apartment neighbours.

Steve Mercieca
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Steve Mercieca