Three Creative Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Three Creative Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Need more space? Quicklets gives top tips on how to manage your storage space.

Three Creative Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Ok, so we all know what its like when you buy a new pair of shoes, go to put them in your wardrobe and—there’s no space. 

Your closet is overflowing with shirts, shoes, ties, trousers, skirts, a collection of scarves with no home and—for some reason—a duster. 

There’s simply no room for anything else. What can you do? Take the shoes back? Get rid of your old sneakers? 

No. Luckily, we’ve spent some time figuring this out and we’ve come up with a list of our top three tips for making your storage space work for you—whether you’re dealing with a simple lack of space throughout your apartment or an overflowing wardrobe infestation…

Multipurpose Furniture

The number one choice for saving space is multipurpose furniture. 

Why? The chances are that you already have some—or you have furniture that could become multipurpose. 

A chest of drawers can become a TV stand; a bedside table can become a chest of drawers and a chest of drawers could be, well, a chest of drawers. The point is that to make the most of your space you have to evaluate what you already have and see if you can maximize its potential.

Having done this you can also explore the other options: footstools that double as storage boxes; freestanding cabinets or shelving units that can act as a wall division in small studio flats whilst providing extra storage space; storage beds or bunk beds with a desk underneath. 

If you’re a dab hand a DIY you can even create shelves out of a ladder by adding some flat plinths of plywood to the steps and keeping it propped against the wall (make sure the shelves stay horizontal when you do this!)… 

The only limit is your imagination!

Using wall space

There are loads of different ways you can make use of wall space, the cheapest of which is the simple use of wooden crates stacked against or nailed to the wall: instant shelves.

Another cheap storage option is the use of hanging door storage. These come in a variety of forms, from simple fabric pockets to wired magazine holders and plastic utensil holders. Finding the one that is right for you is dependent on your needs—but there’s nothing to stop you from getting all of them!

A slightly more expensive option—although perhaps longer lasting—is buying or building wall shelves. This option is particularly useful in rooms where freestanding pieces of furniture could substantially cut into the floor space of the room and it has the added advantage of acting as a display piece.

Invest in a storage system

Is this just a fancy way of saying, ‘get organised’? 

Pretty much. The main difference here is that you get to do it with all the added fun of interior decorating—and for anyone with a creative mind that’s a gift in itself! 

For the rest of us, organizing our belongings can greatly increase the amount of storage space we have available simply because we are more likely to keep on to of what we do and don’t need!

Simple tricks to keep things organized include using drawer dividers—so you can keep all your socks in pairs—and investing in some cheap freestanding drawers or shelving units that will fit in your wardrobe—so the next time you buy a new pair of shoes there’s a place to put them!


Living in a small space doesn’t have to be cluttered, with these tips and a little imagination you can make your one bed apartment feel like a mansion!

Steve Mercieca
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Steve Mercieca