Love what you do!

Love what you do!

Malta, The land of opportunity. We are blessed to be born on an island, only 10% of the worlds population lives on an island. And not only on any island, but the island of Malta... An island that has 300 days of sunshine, easy flights, great tax benefits for foreign companies, high level of employment, free health care.

I had started my career at the age of 20 in one of our local banks. I was a call center agent for a local call centre. Quickly I started to excell in my department. I was in the top 5 out of 80 agents. I soon became a coach, team motivator and team captain. All was going great, until my manager changed. He simply didnt like me. From day one my rankings went from top 5 to bottom 5. I was forced to apply for a transfer, ended up at branch level.. working saturday mornings, not my thing at the time. Being great at sales I still managed to get good reports, but the force selling was insane. This organisation was like a needle of evil, that sucks out all the good vibes you have and sends you home, drained and depressed.
I finally left the bank and ended up working a few odd jobs here and there.. I basically took 2 years off.

Finally I realised I needed to have some sort of career. Working for people was not my thing. I have my own dream. A dream that is focused on flexible hours. Life is not meant to be spent tied down by forced working hours just to make a living. Life is meant to be spent doing what you want to do.. travelling the world, opening an NGO, raising a family, jumping out of a plane... basically whatever your heart desires. The only 2 barriers are tech and money... Basically because you cannot jump out of a plane if it hasn’t been invented yet, or at least the parachute. and sadly money, because this planet is run by money... without money we are very limited.

So, I needed money and flexible hours... what better industry than to choose than property. Now its important you understand, that I did not wake up one day saying ‘I love property’ I woke up one day saying ‘I love life’.. there is no soul mate for the career you choose. Crack the code, understand what you want from life, what you truly want, then pick the right medium to deliver that desire to your heart.

Once your heart has placed you on the right path, you will love it automatically.  I mainly wanted flexible working hours to be able to travel and party. Now I just cant stay away from my team for more than 24hours before freaking out. Im addicted to sharing this dream I have with as many people as possible. I can even spend the whole hour I have here talking about how I got here, how I have 6 offices and 95 team members all from a one man project spending hours on my laptop whilst listening to the doors albums on my sofa just over 2 years ago.  But I don’t think you are interested in that. I go to many of these conferences. They always get some retired CEO turned motivational speaker saying the same story hundreds of times how he made it in the 80’s.. nobody gives a fuck about the 80’s, it’s a great story but we are here to learn how we can make our ideas work in todays world, with todays tech and todays markets, todays dream…

So focus on your own dreams, take the time to come up with something new, create something, join a company with a vision, with purpose and room for personal development. A company with values and conscious business, a company that is flexible and open to new ideas, a company that you can grow with. A COMPANY WITH INTEGRITY.

You’ll know u made it because you’ll love what you do. You’ll never use a lift again, unless you are on on the fifth floor. You’ll end up running up the steps. Sometimes I get so excited I cant sleep. All I do is think about how to make work more exciting. We have fishbowls with quotes in them, we have a rock climbing wall, we have boat parties. Now I’m not asking you to join us, although we are here to recruit of course. I’m just making a point that when you love what you do it shines more. Just like when I wash the floor in the morning. I have 2 options, either complain and swear my way through it or dance around the kitchen like a fairy thinking of what I can inspire my team with. Its all about the frame of mind that is the first factor of loving what you do. Focus on positivity, focus on doing the right thing even when nobody is looking. Focus on giving back.

When you lose track of frame of mind think of gratitude.

The root of all greatness is gratitude, whenever you are lost, reset to gratitude. You cannot do anything great without being grateful for what you have, even if it simply the breath of life. Gratitude is the birth place of all great things. It is the secret to getting the right frame of mind.

Every single time someone calls me they say the same thing, hey how are you? “Always good, the secret to life.” – Even if you just dropped your phone and cracked the screen. At our office we have a no negativity policy. It’s the only circumstance we use the word no. we don’t even use the word ‘noted’. Keep smiling, keep helping.

Helping is the next factor to loving what you do. When you form part of a team, especially when it is a flat level structure team, aiding your co workers is extremely important. Your colleges become your family. Work as a unit, a team, become one. Today you help, tomorrow too, one day you will need to be lifted up. We call it the seesaw ladder. Always pushing each other up, on a higher level, we don’t even settle for number one. Helping each other as a team is key to creating a vortex of love in a working environment. Think of it on a simple level. Think of the law attraction. Imagine you have a pizza for lunch and your co worker has finished their lunch, they ask your for a slice of your pizza, you give them one.. tomorrow they have pizza you ask.. the probability of them giving you a slice is much higher than had you said no to them. Same with Cigarettes same with everything.


Another main factor to loving what you do is figuring out your contribution level. Be it to the firm your work for, the environment, a charity organisation or yourself. Once you start doing your day to day tasks and seeing the fruit your actions are producing the winning sensation kicks in. Everyone loves to be a winner. We weren’t born to work 08:00 – 20:00 just to get buy, we were born into this beautiful planet to be winners. To contribute to whatever it is we wish to improve. If you end up working some day job scrolling down on facebook and asos you will get bored, your in the wrong lane. Plant those seeds and watch them grow, its amazing. Work hard.. tomorrow we have a session about challenging yourself.

The last main factor of being in love with what you do is time management. In times you are going to find yourself super excited about something, a new idea or the next huge domain. Breathe in and breathe out, Its not gonna run away. Calm that drunk monkey of a brain we have. Organise yourself and manage your time, use a task manager or calendar to allocate time to tasks. Once you master time management the quality of your life will change. A good friend once told me ‘Time management is an art, once mastered we can truly savour the pleasurable moments in life’. The art of time management can change anyones life.. u should see me parking my car. Even smokers that take smoking breaks waste over an hour of their life out of the office, facebook don’t get me started on facebook. Time management is one the main factors to loving what you do.

So we went over frame of mind and gratitiude. Helping and Attraction, Contribuiton and winning and last time management.  Coming soon we have challenge yourself and then after Dream Believe Achieve. 


Steve Mercieca
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Steve Mercieca