Tips for getting started in your first apartment

Tips for getting started in your first apartment

So you’ve picked out the perfect pad – now what? Consider these tips before moving in to minimize inconvenience and settle in without hassle.


Tips for getting started in your first apartment


Pack Smart


Packing your belongings is often the most stressful part of planning a move. However, if done properly, it can be used to your advantage in many ways and be relatively stress-free.


You can use your moving experience as an opportunity to declutter your belongings, as there will probably be many items you no longer need, and there’s nothing like moving into a new home with a fresh start.


Organize yourself while packing your things and make sure you label your boxes appropriately – you’ll thank yourself later. It is advisable that you get good quality boxes, purchased in bulk, as you will probably need over 100. For fragile and heavy items, you might need to look into specialized boxes to avoid damage.


Make sure any restructuring is done beforehand


Anyone who has moved into a less-than-perfect apartment will tell you that a degree of work had to be done to make the place more homely. You will probably be tempted to move in all your belongings and create your living environment before tending to these jobs.


This is a bad idea, as you’ll be more likely to postpone the restructuring and it would be much harder to dismantle after you’re all settled in.


Get your basic appliances from a thrift store

People get bored with their kitchens and often give away entire sets of pots, silverware and glassware. This should be your first stop, as you’re likely to find almost everything you need to start up. Just make sure your purchases are durable and in good condition – check for dents and scratches particularly in pots and pans, and termite holes in wooden items.


Stock up a medicine cabinet


Medicinal items are usually necessary in emergencies – so it’s best to buy them before you need them! An inexpensive first aid box together with some common medicine is a good place to start.


Get acquainted with the area


When moving into a new area, Google Maps is your best friend. Look for grocery stores, pharmacies, coffee shops and petrol stations near your new apartment to begin familiarizing yourself and planning your new routine.


Think of your guests


If you’re a man, you might not get much use of a lined bin in the bathroom – but the ladies would definitely appreciate it. Even if you don’t drink coffee, a coffee machine is a useful appliance in any household and will keep your guests happy. Setting up a guest bathroom, if you have one, with a decorative soap and paper towels is also a welcoming gesture.


Plan your decor well


Before planning out the layout of your new apartment, pick out a colour scheme and the items you would like to own.


Buy quality furniture and decor, but keep in mind that you will probably change your mind down the line and will end up exchanging our repurchasing different things.

This is normal – we rarely get it right the first time. Leave the more expensive and less necessary household items for your second or third shopping trip – you’d have more experience and would have gotten a feel for your new apartment by then.


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