The Guide to Finding a Flatmate in Malta

The Guide to Finding a Flatmate in Malta

The Guide to Finding a Flatmate in Malta

Finding a flatmate in Malta can be difficult since this sunny island hasn’t fully embraced the flat-share mentality just yet. Still, there are those of us who prefer to have their own space sooner rather than later.


The thing is, to do that you still probably need a flatmate to share the expenses with and help you get through day to day life.

Here are a few helpful tips on where to start looking for the perfect flatmate:


1. Ask around

Malta is small, and most social circles overlap with many others. If you tell the people that you meet that you’re on the look-out for a flatmate, word will definitely get round before you know it.

The best part of this method is, the people who know you probably also have a good idea of who’d be a good flatmate for you. So it spares you the worry over what type of person your new flatmate will be, or having to go through the screening process yourself.

2. Plaster flyers all over the University campus

There are many university students looking for an apartment share. Usually, even on a casual walk through campus, you’ll come across several posters advertising a flatmate vacancy position.

If you don’t find any particular one that you like, just print out your own flyer with all the requirements you need. Don’t forget to include the tear-away slips of paper at the bottom of the flyer, so that people who are interested can save your details for later.

3. Take advantage of the newspaper

One of the advantages of living in Malta is that we don’t have that wide a selection of newspapers. Which means that you’ll be targeting a very substantial audience if you decide to take out a little ad space in a newspaper to tell the island you’re looking for a flatmate, detailed requirements and all.

If that’s too costly for you, then consider at least buying the newspaper every week or so to scan the property pages for people who are also on the hunt for their perfect living-partner. You’d be surprised by the number of people you’d be a match for.

4. Let your letting agent know

If you’ve rented the apartment from a particular agency, or agent, then you should probably let them know that you’re looking for a flatmate. Chances are they know someone else who was interested in the apartment, or who is interested in living in any apartment, and who would consider sharing the space with you.

Basically, don’t underestimate the reach that your letting agent can have with other property renters and buyers. They’ll be more than happy to point a prospective flatmate in your direction.


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Steve Mercieca