Quicklets celebrates the launch of their new brand Zanzi Homes

Quicklets celebrates the launch of their new brand Zanzi Homes

As the Quicklets Group continues to experience incredible growth, it also celebrates the launch of its new brand, Zanzi Homes.
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This year the Quicklets family will be celebrating their third anniversary since Steve Mercieca, one of the Group’s co-founder’s embarked on his childhood dream of becoming an entrepreneur. The Group is expanding at an incredible rate and is also now celebrating the launch of its new brand Zanzi Homes.


The brokerage part of the business, which operates as a franchise, has come a long way over the past three years, currently employing just over 100 real estate professionals operating in the letting and sales sectors through nine branches strategically located around the centre of the island. The Group prides itself in offering an innovative platform for customers and a modern down to earth, yet professional work ethic for its staff, which promotes self-development, progression and actual equity ownership for successful team members.


The group is in the process of formalising its management structure and will soon announce a number of new senior appointments to the franchise management team. Steve Mercieca, one of the group’s co-founders will be appointed Chief Executive Officer and National Letting Leader, Madelene Vella will be appointed as the Chief Operations Officer, David Galea is the Group’s Financial Controller and Kyra Petroni has consolidated her role as Leader for Marketing and HR. Also, Joseph Pullicino has been appointed as National Sales Manager for the Zanzi Homes franchise.


The growth of the business both within the Group itself and within the industry at large has created the need for a forward looking training programme with a focus on giving real estate professionals the opportunity to obtain the tools required to progress in their careers. For this purpose, the Group is launching a Real Estate Academy to co-ordinate the training requirements for the Quicklets and Zanzi Homes franchises.


 The Group already holds monthly induction courses for all Quicklets and Zanzi Homes newbies and weekly training sessions for all real estate professionals working for both brands. To add on to the existing training, the Group is working on a series of coaching sessions by professionals which will then be digitally available 24/7 to all team members.


The Group has worked hard on creating a brand that is for everyone. Its vision is to build an international franchise model which promotes a sustainable and diverse business with no cultural boundaries. In the coming pages you will meet the leaders of our branches dressed in their favourite attire.

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