Making Greener Options, why choosing the right products can contribute to a greener household.

Making Greener Options, why choosing the right products can contribute to a greener household.

It’s not that hard, really all you need to do is take a few extra minutes in the supermarket to benefit from a cleaner and prouder conscience. Going green is the new hip thing but it does make a lot of sense. The facts speak for themselves; with litres of chemicals being poured into our seas and tonnes of waste in the form of packaging, our planet is soon to give up. Taking hold of the reigns and greening it up will not only give you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside but it will also make your rental home greener.

Eco-friendly products

The word organic is sometimes overrated but simply identifying which products are which can make your kitchen shelves a whole lot lighter (chemical wise) and thus result in cleaner and healthier home owners who can fully enjoy their St Julian’s terrace or St Paul’s Bay roof top in a clean and healthier state. Add two organic products to your shopping list per week, it won’t break the bank and you will be satisfied.

Plant based products

This is something big to consider, making the switch from scientifically developed body washes or clothes detergents to plant based cleaning supplies can give you a new twist on life. Your newly acquired rental home will look super clean, smell great and feel good. A combination of plants, flowers and aromatherapy oils can solve any cleaning disaster at home.

Products that do not test on animals

This is simply going the extra mile, level rating - expert. But give it a shot, these ethical concerns will leave your house totally guilt free and eager to try new things. Food, cleaning products even furniture can be created without animal testing. Get a dog, don’t test on one.

Larger containers and refills

This is where my penny-saving friends will catch on quickly. Most supermarkets cater for large families but if your Sliema penthouse only carries two lodgers that’s not to worry, grab the family value pack any way and store your products away wisely. Small containers mean more packaging and more packaging means an unhappy planet which happens to be the one we live in. Super-size it!


Get your pets to join in on the fun with organic and eco-friendly material such as corn kitty-litter or plant based feeding bowls. Both of which can contribute to a greener home and a well done from your animal loving, vegan friends. Take pride in the fact that your pets are doing as well as you on the environmental scale.

With the above mentioned points you are well on your way towards leading a greener life, the first few months will be a challenge but once you get the hang of it you’re going to love your new household not only for its stunning features and great character but also for its clean, guilt free and ultra-floral aura swarming through the corridors.

Steve Mercieca
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Steve Mercieca