Top 5 Reasons why you should join Quicklets!

Top 5 Reasons why you should join Quicklets!

With a strong economy and an incredible increase in the number of foreign influx, the island’s promising property market boom begs the question, “Should I become a real estate agent in Malta”?. A query pondered by many deciding on taking that next vital step in their career.

Here at Quicklets, you aren't just starting a job, you are joining a lifestyle. With Quicklets you are guaranteed specialised real estate training by industry-leading professionals, where you will learn all the requirements needed to truly excel as a real estate agent in Malta and benefit from a high commission rate.


1. Booming Real Estate Industry


By now, you should probably know just how strong the property game is in Malta. With multiple development projects being scheduled, the real estate business remains a prominent industry for our economy, creating a lot of opportunity and room for growth.

In 2015, over €2 billion worth of property in Malta was sold, a 35% increase from the previous two years. With various professionals from across the globe coming to work in Malta, the property industry is an ever-growing field and the perfect opportunity for those looking to build a fruitful real estate career at Quicklets.


2. A limitless wage.


There’s nothing quite like the feeling of renting out your first property in Malta, and once you do so, it becomes somewhat addictive.

The Quicklets crew prioritise on rewarding our real estate agents. We also offer  bonuses based on on the real estate agent’s performance and whether they reach specified targets.

We firmly believe in the philosophy of incentives and rewards. Providing incentives to our real estate agents in Malta is the perfect way you to thrive and achieve your individual objectives. Therefore, if you are willing to work hard, we are more than happy to reward you for your achievements. The sky’s the limit!


3. Thriving Real Estate Office Atmosphere


Nothing makes you perform better than having the ideal work environment where you fit right in. Here at Quicklets, we believe that setting the right office ambience is the ultimate ingredient behind every winning team, and that’s especially true for our real estate agents in Malta. By this, we mean every single element and relationship that forms part of your real estate office experience.

We strive to create a positive environment that makes our employees feel good about coming to the Quicklets office. You know you’ve made the right decision when you wake up in the morning, eager and excited to go to work. If this is not how you feel, then seriously consider giving the Quicklets team a call.

Our friendly and extremely motivating real estate agents in Malta will show you the ropes and guide you towards fulfilling your utmost potential. Real estate experience is not innate- we’ll teach you everything you need to know. All you require is a driving license and a strong ambition to succeed!


4. Be Your Own Boss at Quicklets


Are you tired of working the standard 9 to 5? Tired of corporate control? Or better yet, are you tired of being sat down on a chair for the majority of your day? If so, this real estate blog was written just for you!

Imagine working for yourself as a specialised real estate agent in Malta where you set your own schedule and create your own working hours. Well, once you join the Quicklets team, this real estate fantasy of yours will quickly become a reality.

Create your own working hours, schedule your own appointments & set your own limits to the amount of money you should be making! Here at Quicklets, we are go getters and we believe that with a positive attitude and the right mentality, anything is possible.


5. The power of networking for real estate agents in Malta


Once you enter the property scene, you will truly understand the value of networking and how important it actually is for you as a real estate agent in Malta.

The power of networking cannot be stated enough, and it is crucial in the real estate industry if you want to be successful over a long period of time. Once joining Quicklets, we will teach you the true meaning of networking by helping you build valuable relationships for your real estate career.

The real estate industry consists of a ton of people who are buying, selling and leasing all kinds of property deals. Therefore, the more exposure you get, the more real estate connections you will build; and the more likely it is for you to start making money!

Are you interested in becoming a real estate agent in Malta? If so, Quicklets are currently seeking to recruit motivated real estate agents to join our young and dynamic team. Get in touch today! Team Awesome would love to hear from you!

Marc H. Schembri
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Marc H. Schembri