The Big 5 – Prior to Renting out Property

The Big 5 – Prior to Renting out Property


5 things you should do before acquiring a property for rent in Malta


Landing the right deal on the perfect property for rent in Malta can be a challenging process. There sure is a lot of work to be done! Scouring real estate listings, countless hours of phone calls and squeezing as many viewings as possible into a single day. That said, it’s understandable to seal the deal as soon as you find that property for rent in Malta that has everything you need.


Prior to signing your real estate lease agreement, there are a few things you may want to pay close attention to, just to be sure that you’ve made the right decision. Here are five things you should do before acquiring a property for rent in Malta. Get them done, and you’re bound to be a happy camper once you’ve moved in!


1. Read the entire lease agreement for the Malta property.


Reading the entire lease agreement will help you avoid problems. Before moving into the property for rent in Malta, it is absolutely crucial to fully understand every detail mentioned in the contractual agreement. The most vital aspect is to maintain communication with your real estate agent through the entire process, preceding the contract of lease, up until its termination.


2. Imagine the Malta property at different times of day.


Depending on the time that you visit the property for rent in Malta, certain rooms may give off relatively different moods. Maybe the master bedroom receives a spectacular morning sunlight, but it might also sit right under a street lamp, which can get rather annoying during the later hours. When visiting the property for rent in Malta, ask your agent where east and west are in relation to it.


3. Ask About the rental requirements of the Malta property.


Many lease agreements will highlight the rental necessities that are imposed by the owner, for the property for rent in Malta.. This will include the permission or the disapproval of pets, when the rent payment will be due and how to execute the payment, or then again how you are to pay utility bills, and even subcontracting rules. Also take a careful look at the safety and integrity of the property for rent in Malta to make sure any repairs are made before moving in.


4. Study the neighbourhood of the property for rent in Malta.


You will live in the rental property for a period of time, and might even renew the contract when it comes to terminate. From the immediate surroundings to the farther areas, one needs to know what and where services or places of interest are located. The list includes public gardens, recreation ground and football pitches, as well nearby restaurants and shopping complexes.


Remember, the location of your property in Malta and its surroundings will have a significant impact on your family’s quality of life.  Living close to your place of work (or not!) and any other places which you frequently visit, will also save you a great deal on transport costs and time.


Whether you wish to reside in a busy or quiet Maltese area, having easy access to schools and childcare should always be a deciding factor. This also applies for local amenities and your favourite hotspots. A short commute to the park, supermarket or even the beach, can be a truly satisfying perk, and another factor which you should take into consideration when choosing a family-friendly property for rent in Malta.


5. Contact an experienced real estate agency!


Selecting a real estate agent is an essential step when thinking about moving into a new property for rent in Malta. At Quicklets, our real estate agents are experienced Malta property experts who are familiar with the market and are prepared to assist with all of your real estate needs to ensure that your final rental decision is the right one.


For many people searching for that dream rental Malta property, landing a good bargain can be a rather difficult find. That’s where Quicklets enter the equation. When working with Quicklets, our experienced real estate agents will guide you through the entire process to help locate the best deal on property for rent in Malta. Get in touch with Quicklets today - your first-choice real estate agency for Malta property!

Marc H. Schembri
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Marc H. Schembri