The Big 3 – Roommates & Rules.

The Big 3 – Roommates & Rules.

How to Live Happily Together – A Guide.


So, you’re wondering what it would be like living with the opposite gender? This is a guide that can help you with ANY cohabitation situation. There are essential rules to keep in mind when living with someone else. Read the below to make sure you tick all the right boxes.


1.    Fighting.



Disagreements naturally occur; they are an essential part of social conduct. The important thing is to control one’s self and learn how to deal with challenging situations.

Communication is key, together with knowledge of the other’s personality and respect towards him/her. If you learn how to approach them when the s**t has hit the fan, and can articulate effectively the problem without hurting their feelings, then you will be able to clear the situation without a fight! You need to live together, so might as well make it as peacefully as possible!

It’s also advisable to agree on a set of living rules together, with a mutual understanding to follow and adhere to. This enforces accountability and monitoring.



2.    Men VS Women.


Gender is part of your roommate’s personality, as it is for you! Whilst same sex habitation is advisable, having a potential roommate from the other gender might not be such a big deal.

As a female, you might think that a male roommate is a slob and is outright untidy and dirty. You could, however, be surprised, as men can be quite orderly and they also tend to respect the space of others.

As males, you will surely enjoy practical skills found in the female gender which could be instrumental to a mixed gender habitation.



3.    The Inexcusable.


What is considered are not forgivable?


Not paying rent & shared bills.



This, of course, is the number one rule. Pay the bills dude, and on time – no excuses. The exception arises if it is mutually agreed, and for valid reasons.






As stated above, communication and understanding are key. Make your relationship work and face challenges like an adult. Childish attitudes and passive-aggressive manners do not enhance relationships.  




Unpleasant, rude or aggressive behaviour.



Even when an argument breaks out, make sure you are diplomatic enough to resolve tensions successfully – without unnecessary, and potentially harmful, words. Treat him/her as you wish to be treated.






Your goal is to be friends and live peacefully. If you are going to be oblivious to your roommate’s existence and to their needs, then you’re in for a lonely and hostile household.






Dude, clean up.



Loud sex.



This is a game-changer. If you have kinky guests over, make sure you are discreet and do not cause unnecessary disturbance.


Marc H. Schembri
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Marc H. Schembri