Moving house in Malta? Don’t forget these vital tasks

Moving house in Malta? Don’t forget these vital tasks

As we move forward in life, our priorities change. More often than not, this means a requirement to move house. Be it down the road, across the valley, or even a completely different part of the island, we’ve got you covered at Quicklets with this crucial task list to make moving to your dream house in Malta a smooth affair. 

Moving house in Malta is an event that most of us will be lucky enough to experience at some point. With this comes the mountain of work needed to make it happen. Packing box after big brown box. Finding moving specialists and lifters to help you get from home A, to home Awesome. Making sure you’ve switched over the electricity bills before finally handing over the keys. Only to have to do it all in reverse on the other side.  

All too often though in our haste to get out the door and settle into our new home, we forget something along the way. And quite often these things can make the difference between transitioning into home bliss, or home hell. Once you’ve used our QLZH property app to find your dream home, you can use the checklist below for some of the more significant things to remember before waving goodbye to your old home and calmly ordering that pizza to eat sitting on the floor in your new pad. 


Say hello to your dream home in Malta with the QLZH property app

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Apart from ensuring all outstanding bills are settled for your old home, you want to ensure that when you arrive at your new dream home in Malta, that your lights turn on and the toilet flushes. Wifi also falls into this category, so be sure to check out providers in your new area, as locations on the island can greatly impact connectivity. This may all seem simple but is one of the first things that people neglect. Although it’s one of the most important.  

Changing your address 

We may live in a digital world, with most information travelling by email, but there are still a bunch of institutions and providers that will require updated address details for their records. See the list below for some of the most common ones and feel free to add to the list as you need… 

- Banks and financial institutions 

- Schools 

- Places of work 

- Insurance providers 

- Doctors and dentists 

- Subscription services including online accounts like Amazon 

- Friends and family 

After finding your dream home in Malta on the QLZH property app, let the packing begin!

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The Box of essential items 

So there it is. Your cupboards and closets are bare. Drawers have been emptied and you now have a neat pile of boxes, all clearly marked ready for the scheduled moving day. But where the heck is your toothbrush? 

Whilst the temptation can be strong to make sure everything is packed and nothing is left behind, there are undoubtedly items that you’lll need right up until moving day. These will also be the first things you want to unpack on the other side. Here’s a brief list of items that you’ll almost certainly need when everything else is neatly stored away… 


- Toiletries (toothbrushes, deodorant, soaps and of course, white gold – toilet paper. All are used daily and should be one of the last items packed).  

- Medicines. (These can be everything from prescriptions, to simple pain killers). 

- Electrical items (By this we mean chargers, tablets and of course, a mini speaker. You’re going to need music for that romantic floor pizza right?) 

- Linen. (Once you’ve unloaded all those heavy boxes, you’ll want to spend your first night comfortably. This includes pillows!).  

- Cleaning supplies (Surface cleaner, cloths etc. Very handy to ensure traces of previous owners can be removed quickly).  

- Galletti and maybe a cheeky bottle of wine (because, why not?).  

Moving house in Malta requires organisation, and lots of boxes!

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The money under the mattress 

Whilst you’ve hopefully checked there already, our homes are filled with loads more nooks and crannies. The more time we spend in a home, the more these spaces fill with items that we quickly forget about. Spare car keys. Memory cards. And yes, spare cash or our rainy-day emergency fund.  

Unless you wish to leave these as parting gifts for the new owners, make sure that you do a final deep sweep of every room from top to bottom to make sure that nothing is left behind.  

If you’re still on the search for your new home, don’t forget that the QLZH team are here to help, be it for a rental or purchase. To make life even easier, download our QLZH property app, and begin browsing for your dream home in Malta. Alternatively, feel free to contact one of our offices and speak to one of our experienced agents who will guide you through the process.  

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