Plant-keeping in your home improves your mental health. Here’s how.

Plant-keeping in your home improves your mental health. Here’s how.

We may be aware of the importance of and benefits of spending time in nature and the outdoors. Taking walks around the block or jumping in the sea can help relieve the stresses of the day and rebalance your energy.

Plants and flowers add an element of beauty and comfort to our homes and offices as they bring life, color, and fresh air to our spaces. Whether it’s a pot on the kitchen windowsill, a cactus in the bathroom, or a strelizia in the garden, plants breathe life into our homes. Just add light and water.

But they are not just an accessible and (somewhat) easy way to brighten and decorate your space. They have incredible mental health and wellbeing benefits too. 


Plant-keeping while renting an apartment in malta

Plant Keeping Increased During Covid

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Were you one of the majority of people who picked up gardening and plant-keeping as a Covid hobby? This gave many people a sense of purpose and routine during the lockdown upheaval. It also brought an element of satisfaction to see their plants thriving and growing. In fact, a Google Trends report in March and April 2020 reported that the searches for “planting” and “plants” increased and hit high points over the Covid period. 


Plant-keeping in apartment to reduce stress and anxiety

Psychological benefits of keeping plants in your home

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The uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic left many feeling overwhelmed, fearful, and stressed. However, reports have shown that individuals who took up gardening or plant-keeping over the period were able to find respite in their new hobby.
In fact, 80% of people said the hobby had a positive impact on their mental health. And who wouldn’t agree that their green friends gave them solace and comfort. House plants engage your senses, particularly your sense of smell and touch. 

According to research carried out by trees.comResearch also shows that attending to plants in your home or garden can help prevent insomnia, depression, and anxiety. This is because a certain bacteria found in plant soil triggers a release of serotonin which lifts your mood and reduces anxiety. #Mindblown 

The study also concluded that interaction with house plants can reduce stress at a much faster rate than other types of mental work. 


Tending to plants models self care

Three ways plant-keeping improves your mental and emotional health: 

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Tending to plants models taking care of yourself. Watering your plants a few times a week, giving them plant food and watching them grow and bring life into your home is shown boost your mood. Simple but effective. 
Indoor plants can boost your creativity and help you be more productive. Whether at home, school or in the office, plants stimulate creativity and bring a sense of calm. Are you managing the office décor budget? Head over to your local plant shop to make the most out of it!  
Houseplants bring nature indoors. Our connection to nature ⦁ has been proven. to calm our senses. When taking care of your house plants – pruning, smelling, working with the soil – it has the same relaxing benefits as spending time in a forest.

Houseplants can improve the air quality in your home

The Physical health benefits of house plants 

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Having plants scattered around your property efficiently clean the air by absorbing toxic substances from the air like formaldehyde and benzene and other pollutants found in the air in your home, school or office. 

Keeping plants near doors and windows can also help absorb dust coming from outside. This can also help with respiratory issues and other allergies. 

Hands up if you’re a plant talker, flower sprucer or plant talker? 

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