QLZH & QLC Awards Night

QLZH & QLC Awards Night

The teams at QuickLets (ql.mt), Zanzi Homes (zh.mt) and QLC (qlc.com.mt) came together on a very special night to celebrate the new year as well as the outstanding achievers of 2022. The yearly awards night was one to remember for its guests with a full array of entertainment put together to give the occasion the magic it deserves. 

The organizing team selected the Mediterranean Conference Centre at Valletta to host the event; a nod to Malta’s rich history and outstanding architecture showcasing the love that the brands have for the island and real estate. Arriving at the venue, guests were welcomed by three members of the Administration Team dressed in 17th-century costumes ushering them in as well as a fire spinning show. Descending the red-carpeted grand staircase, guests enjoyed an acrobatic show against a backdrop of a burning fireplace before entering the main hall which featured jugglers and illusionists. 

“When we started conceptualising the event, we were determined to organise more than just an event, and to deliver an experience to our guests, something that would stimulate the senses”, says Fabio Zuccaro, Group COO and member of the organizing team. “Our awards night is a celebration of the tireless work our teams put in throughout the previous year and the event we deliver must recognize their efforts”, he continues. 

As the red curtain was drawn, the popular Maltese singer, Kurt Calleja opened the Awards ceremony delivering “We Are The Champions” by Queen, an anthem used by the team every year for this occasion. Popular TV presenter, Pauline Agius hosted the night and called on the stage one award winner after the other. Around one-hundred awards were dished out to the deserved recipients, ranging from metrics-driven ones as well as special awards recognizing the contribution individuals made to the brands that go beyond renting and selling, such as the Social Heart Award, the Brand Ambassadors, and the Culture Champion. 

“We are in our 10th year of operation as a group and we have grown tremendously fast, an achievement we fully credit to our Franchise Owners, Property Specialists and Administration Team, together with our loyal clients”, says Steve Mercieca, Group CEO and Co-Founder, “this yearly appointment overwhelms me each time and gives me immense joy in rewarding individuals that stood out through their grit, passion and dedication”, he continues. 

Notably, Marc Kane Cachia was awarded top branch and top manager of the year for QuickLets, having smashed a record breaking year with his Mosta team. For Zanzi Homes, the Head Office branch headed by Ramon Xuereb ranked first across all branches in terms of total value closed on Promise of Sales. 

Amongst others, some of the top categories for the 2022 QuickLets Awards were as follows:

Top Performer Overall - Jake Bonnici, Mosta Branch ; 

Up & Coming Manager - Sashko Iliev, Attard Branch; 

Top Performing Manager - Marc Kane Cachia, Mosta Branch;

Highest Revenue Generated - Julian Scicluna, Zabbar Branch; 

Listing Champion - Jake Bonnici, Mosta Branch; 

Highest Number of Contracts - Julian Scicluna, Zabbar Branch; 

Highest Number of Rented Listings - Liudmila Epifanova, Birkirkara Branch. 

For QLC, we included:

Top Performer Overall - Stefan Milosevic, Mansion Branch; 

Top Performing Branch - Head office Branch; 

Top Performing Manager - Clint Borg, Mansion Branch;

Listing Champion - Giovanni Gerolimetto, Gzira Branch; 

Highest Revenue Generated - Jose Camilleri, Head Office Branch; 

Highest Number of Rented Listings - Giovanni Gerolimetto, Gzira Branch;

Highest Number of Contracts - Stefan Milosevic, Bisazza Branch; 

As for Zanzi Homes, we had some of the below top categories:

Top Performer Overall - Oleg Jakovlev, Tigne Branch; 

Up & Coming Manager - Doulton Tonna, Zanzi 360 Branch; 

Top Performing Manager - Ramon Xuereb, Head Office Branch; 

Highest Revenue Generated - Oleg Jakovlev, Tigne Branch; 

Listing Champion - Simon Soler, Ibrag Branch; 

Highest Number of POS - Ryan Abela, MK Branch; 

Highest Number of Sold Listings - Simon Soler, Ibrag Branch; 

Highest Total Value of Contracts Closed - Oleg Jakovlev, Tigne Branch; 

Highest Number of Contracts Signed - Ryan Abela, MK Branch. 

Ann Xuereb, the Group’s People Experience Executive was instrumental in the night’s organisation. “Admittedly, an event like this is both exciting and highly demanding, but when I see the sheer pride of the winners when collecting their award as well as our teams having a great time, if all feel worth the effort. I am already looking forward to next year’s one”, Ann comments.

QuickLets, Zanzi Homes and QLC are Malta’s largest real estate agency, engaging over 550 property specialists from 36 offices around the Maltese Islands. To join as a Franchise Owner or Property Specialist, contact our Head of Business Development Edward Agius on +356 9942 5088, or email [email protected]

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