How to become a successful Letting Specialist 

How to become a successful Letting Specialist 

“Starting out as a new letting specialist can make you feel rather skittish, but that feeling usually starts fading once you close your first deal.”

These are the reassuring words of Edward Agius, Head of Letting at QuickLets.

Responsible for the professional development of new and current specialists within QuickLets, he has some helpful tips for letting specialists who aim to expand and grow in their career.

Be passionate about what you do

First and foremost, as with any other career, he believes you need to have a passion for what you do, both for yourself and to be of good service to others. 

A passionate individual is one who seeks to become the best version of themselves. Therefore, as a letting specialist invest in your professional formation and never cease to learn. At QuickLets we give our specialists, including both new recruits and experienced team members, the opportunity to do that thanks to our on-going Real Estate Professional Training, designed by QuickLets itself.


Because clients are at the core of our business, make top-notch customer service your priority. Put yourself in the shoes of the landlord and understand what they are after, then see how this can align. Also, try to match the tenant with the landlord – select reliable and responsible tenants. Keep in mind, that a contented client will refer you and come back again. 

Be knowledgeable

You need to know your job well, as most often you are the go-to person for the client. Take the initiative and study the market and understand trends so you can guide the clients accordingly. Become familiar with the legal requirements and with what the law has to say, as, naturally, clients will refer to you when they need more information. That is not to mean that you need to know everything: if you’re unsure about something, be confident enough to tell the client and that you’ll get back to them with an answer. Then, of course, follow it up in a timely manner.

Be loyal

Loyalty is an important aspect when one works with others. Edward Agius believes one ought to be 100 per cent behind the brand you are representing and their colleagues. If there are any issues, don’t let them surface when dealing with clients. This is one way of showing you’re respectable, and both your clients and your colleagues will know it. 

Be friendly and professional

First impressions count, and as a letting specialist sometimes you only have a few minutes to strike a good impression. Having a clean and fresh appearance can do some of that initial work for you, as do your manners. Be friendly with clients, by always greeting them with a genuine smile, and offering water or coffee if you’re in the office. If you’re answering the phone don’t forget to say who you are as it makes it a little bit more personal. And, finally, if you’re engaging with a regular client, keep small talk short and impersonal.

Equally important as your demeanour, is your professional work. Use quality photos in the listing and if you’re taking them yourself, be proactive and learn how to take pictures that bring the best out of the property. If the landlord chooses to take the pictures, perhaps you can show them a better way of doing it. Going the extra mile for the client shows them that you care about their business too. Next, word the description of the property well, correcting all spelling and grammatical errors. Here’s a helpful tip: learn a wide variety of words and expressions and use them to write a listing that stands out from the rest. 

Hone your skill set

Agius suggests one works on their soft skills like listening and communication, both with colleagues and clients. Be friendly and approachable with everyone, however, do not be afraid to show assertiveness when you need to. Be confident enough to take control of a situation calmly using your negotiation and conflict resolution skills.

Hone your time management and organisational skills as they will make you work more efficiently, and he recommends you find a system that works for you and that may be repeated again. 

Have a social conscience

At QuickLets, we don’t just do business: we also have a social conscience. Thanks to the foundation we have set up, the QLZH Foundation, we aim to make a difference in the world. And we encourage our employees to be a part of this. That’s why all transactions made are subjected to a donation in favour of a charity of the foundation’s choice. 

Aim higher

If you would like to become a letting specialist, speak to us. With an awesome team like ours, and where, in the words of Edward Agius, “we dream, we believe and we achieve”, QuickLets is the place where you can become a better version of your professional self. 

If you wish to apply for a Letting Specialist and be part of the QuickLets Team apply here:


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